Most of you probably heard about 3D-printing, but how about 3D-printing food? You’re about the find out how does it feel and taste!

The first 3D-printing restaurant will open in London at the end of this month, but it won’t last long: It’ll be open only for three days. Only 10 lucky guests will have the chance to taste the futuristic and unique food with tickets costing £250 each. The food will be prepared right in front of the guests.

Guests will be served a nine-course meal, with dishes made from pizza dough, hummus, mushy peas, chocolate mousse, and goat cheese. Not everything will be 3D printed, as it takes too long to prepare. Joel Castanye and Mateu Blanch are the masterminds of the idea – two stellar chefs of elBulli and La Boscaba fame.
Not only the dishes but also the utensils and even the chairs will have been 3D-printed. If you don’t want to miss this chance but also can’t afford it, you can watch the event live stream. Food Ink will also be hosting two public open days where visitors can sample 3D printed snacks, as well as use printers, too.

We don’t recommend you to try printing your own food at home as it’s too risky and complex.


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