Gonca Arık Çalışkan ve Özge Çağlayan. Two architects that try to be natural,feed from the city,make the best every moment in workshop and their new brand Woodring.

Who is WoodRing?

Gonca: Woodring was born in 2014 by rediscovering the material,familiar to two architects that started to work life together 10 years ago.We started to do trials with every kind of wood in every scale.

Özge: All we want to emphasize to the natural in all our experiments and we created Woodring collection, criticising mass production, supporting recycling,simple products.

Why did you choose to produce?


Özge: For us, producing is the main reason for the existence of living things.Everyday we are producing spiritual, physical things. Woodring allows us to assess this energy in peace and one with the nature in this metropolitan life,that’s all.

How does a good day start for you? What is your biggest motivation source in daytime?

Gonca: These last months,everyday we woke up to the rush.Only the days we spend in workshops are both joy and motivation source.

How a design should be for you? What are your sources from abroad?

Özge: I think,you shouldn’t have design concerns while producing something.That’s what i’m looking for in a design.


Gonca: Actually WoodRing is feeding from a design-consern-free philosophy. We are focusing on the wood’s story and we are trying to be natural.

What happened in the past days that excites you?

For us,the story of a tree is completing in 3 steps. A tree completes its first step with its story.We take its story to our hands and add it our story and complete the second step.We think that third step will be complete in its new home. We had the opportunity to introduce our products,face to facewith the costumers,for the first time in the Harvest Festival,Desginer Shop.That was really important for us.We saw that we shared the same feelings. It reminded us once again that we are on the right track.


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