It’s the local capital city of Curacao island which is connected to Netherlands. Also it is a regional capital city of Netherlands Antilles.

Willemstad Heaven in the Caribbean (3)
Center of the city placed in the two directions of an abalone and they called “Punda” and “Otrabanda”. Punda was built by the dutches when they conquered from spanishs in 1634.Its name came from the word “de Punt” (dot) in Dutch.There is a bridge which built in 1707 between Otrabanda and Punda
Center of the city is in the list of UNESCO world heritage with its old buildings.

Curacao Island

Curacao is one of the Netherlands Antilles and house of the beautiful Willemstad city where population is 150.000. The other islands that form the Antilles are Aruba,Bonaire,St. Eustasius and St. Maartin.
Because of the colonial era, you can see the dutch architecture in Curacao. The island is small but it has 38 beaches and a lot of activities like snorkeling and scuba diving.
The longest floating footbridge is in Cuaracao. Willemstad is fascinating with the buildings and got in to the world cultural heritage list in 1988. Curacao is connected to the Netherlands ,but it has an autonomous status and also calls as Netherlands Antilles.
You can do snorkeling and scuba diving in the crystal clear sea. The most famous beaches are cas abao,jeremi and kalki.
There is nothing like Curacao beer in the world. Because the beer is made from the refined sea water. The island is very hygienic so you can drink and eat safely.
One of the places you must visit is the Curacao Sea Aquarium. You can see 400 different marine creatures and dive or join the show with the dolphins and sea lions in the aquarium.

Willemstad Heaven in the Caribbean (2)
In the island people are speaking Dutch, Papiamento language,English and Spanish. Like in the most Caribbean islands,the busy season is from november to april. You can find accommodation for half price other seasons.
You can dive almost anywhere. The 64 kilometer long white stones on the west coast will show you the way. The 20 kilometer long Curacao Underwater Marine Park and 1500 hectare reef on the southeast coast will offer you a great experience of diving.
You can dive all year and underwater visibilty is over 30 meters.
Curacao corals are the healtiest corals in the caribeans and there are soft and hard kinds. You can come across the colorful sponges,large orange elephant ear sponges,purple body-tube-shaped sponges.
Curacao’s economy is depending on navigation for years and it is no surprise there are so many sinked ships under the sea. The most famous shipwreck is the Superiour Producer. The ship sinked in 1977 in Willemstad.
The ship is in 33 meters deep horizontaly and covered with corals and hosting a lot of fish.

The best 5 diving points of Cuacaro

-Mushroom Forest
-The Superiour Producer
-Hell’s Corner
-House Reef at Habitat Curacao
-Tugboat at Caracasbaii
Also we suggest you to go Klein Curacao with daily tours and dive,relax at the beach,eat a lot BBQ and on the way back, have a nap.
You can reach Curacao by transfering from Amsterdam.


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