You need to have some special knowledge and skills to maintain your marriage ,living together or  love life.

Psycological consultant and family therapist Fadime Yaslan tells why and how meaning of marriage changed through time and need to be ready to change for a happy marriage to

Romantic Couple at Sunset
Romantic Couple at Sunset

There are a lot of reasons for short realtionships in these days. The most important one is this times conditions.

With the improving technology and changing conditions , personal and social living styles a re changing.

Depending on these changes,meaning and importance of marriage,relationships,love,loyalty change.Myths about relationships change too. (Myth; is the anonymous stories,expanding with the tradition, to explain nature,customs or  habits.Purpose of the myth is not to tell the story correctly but to point a meaning to it.)

There were some myths like living 40 years in one pillow,being together through the good times and the bad times and loving eachother and stories about Şirin and Ferhat,Aslı and Kerem.

Marriage and family were the stones of the community,looking like a institution of carring on the humanrace  and passing the traditions to the next generations.It was more important to achive the social goals than the personal happiness and pleasures.

Social relations were supporting the family and providing most of the person’s social-emotional needs.

Families in these days got lonely depending on the changes in social life and people turn to the family life to get the social and emotional needs.This situation made partners demand more feelings from eachother.

In marriage and family life,beside the partners demanding more  feelings more from eachother, added comfort and expectation of living safe.Why do the relationships lasts short (1)

In marriage,couples expectations of love,friendship,sexual pleasure,comfort from eachother  was built break ups,divorces when these are exceed their capacities.

When people start a relationship or marry, they think ”let’s try till it’s over”, ” we will get divorce if it’s not gonna work” in this time. When they have a problem in their relationship they see that as it’s an ending of their relationship instead of looking for the solutions.

And that is showing us that the myths about marriage-love changed……………………………

At the end people keep searching  sexual pleasue,love,be loved accaptence and be respected in long term,short term relationship,marriage and living together .Until these emotional  lacks fulfilled, most people disappear in loneliness and feeling of emptiness.

To make marriage,living together,relationship work you need to have some special knowledge and skills. Because relationships have to change and evolve to answer the needs of changing and evolving people.

Change is a journey to the unknown and some people are having second thoughts and resisting it. Sometimes not changing but the resisting to the change becomes the wall between couples and makes them apart.




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