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Sometime getting back your ex is very hard and needs strategies to enable you achieve it. After someone you love left you once you should find a way of wining them back and maintain them. This article is divided into 7 sections since having a plan will enable you gain your goals.


Step 1: Give them time

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After a break up you may feel despite, lonely and left out. However, you should not be driven to call your ex just to get together. You are advised to keep time off and give your ex time and space that they need to heal. Handle things maturely and let the break up take time.


Step 2: Move on

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Do not put your life on hold because of break up or show that you are broke. Do not make impression that you are desperate to get back. Give your partner time to feel the life without you and get to re-invent them and not make them feel like you are just waiting for them to come back.


Step 3: Make Contact

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After a while make contact and not immediately contact them. After making first contact take time and take break and not lead your ex to thinking that you want to get back with them immediately. Following the steps will help;

  • Do not call
  • Do not text
  • No Facebook messages
  • Do not contact them online
  • There is no accidently bumping into them
  • Do not hang around common friends with hope of seeing or meeting your ex

This will help because;

  • The ex needs space for them to heal
  • You also need space and time to heal


Step 4: Take care of yourself

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This is one of the most important steps that you should take in life because it will help you gain a lot of self boost. You should seek to achieve the best changes by re-inventing yourself. After brake up many people spent time and energy contemplating and thus ending up rejected and left out.  You should make changes such as;


Make positive changes in appearances such as;

  • Get your hair cut and even change the style of your hair to be fashionable
  • Get your teeth cleaned, so that your looks may change and you can also have a attractive smile
  • Get fit by going to gym and exercise daily to boost your self esteem and looks

Positive healthy mentality

Spiritual heath is also very important for you and you can do the following;

  • Get time to grieve and move on
  • Go for dates
  • Write journals to keep yourself busy
  • Get out with your friends
  • Do meditations


Step 5: Contact the EX

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Ensure that you follow the contacting rules when you contact them;

  • Follow the contacting rules for the first month
  • Contact after your are no longer grieving
  • Make positive changes before contact
  • After you have convinced yourself that it is the right thing to do
  • After you have attended at least one date
  • After accepting the loss of your ex


Step 6: 

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After you have contacted your ex arrange with them for a meeting. On the meeting let it be casual and allow yourself o reminisces about the relationship. Talk about the times that you enjoyed together and other fun memories to decrease any tension


Step 7: Talking about the breakup and leave things behind


Talk about why you two broke up in the first place. Express your wishes and if you will want to start afresh and do things differently. Be honest and also state your wish of wanting to get together and how you will do things differently. This will enable you to get together and also enable the other person to open up. There is high chance that they will accept you if they are confines that you are being honest and not lying. Open your heart and express your feelings in a genuine and honest manner.


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