There is always a bigger and better room in accommodation services. You can get a bigger room, nicer view or even a hot tub. And also, keep in mind that ‘upgrade’ doesn’t mean bigger rooms all the time. Sometimes hotels might offer you coupons for breakfast or a free spa service. But how do you get a free upgrade?

How to Upgrade Your Hotel Room for Free (2)

1.Simply ask for upgrades, but don’t forget your manners.

Being kind and polite may give you a dream hotel room and services. It is known that front desk employees have extranets on larger and better rooms. So, if you get along with them, you can get one of that rooms!

2.Be different from other visitors.

For instance, if you’re an old couple among the other younger ones in the hotel, you can simply benefit from some advantages.

3.Say it’s a special occasion

Hotels provide better services when it’s a special occasion. If it’s your honeymoon, anniversary or birthday don’t forget to inform front desk!How to Upgrade Your Hotel Room for Free (5)

4.Don’t hesitate to report the problems in your room

If you report the problems in your room such as broken air conditioner or street noises, hotel officials can provide a new and better room for you.

5.Make your plans!

Get some specific information about the hotel you’re planning to stay. If it’s the busiest time of the hotel, it may be hard to get an upgrade.

6.Prefer loyalty programmes

Loyalty programs are meant to attract more customers by giving rewards and extra services. That’s why you should look for the loyalty programs in the hotel you’re planning to stay.

How to Upgrade Your Hotel Room for Free (3)

7.Try to use rebooking services

Use rebook sites such as Tingo, Dreamcheaper and Triprebel. After making your reservation, share it through these sites. When a better room is available, your reservation will be automatically upgraded.

8.Try to prefer a new hotel

It’s more likely to get a great deal in a new hotel as they don’t have any loyal customers; and especially when they try to be known by spreading their names.

9.Check in late

When you check-in late (but you know, not too late), the front desk employees will get the latest information about the accommodation situation in the hotel. If they’ve already ran out of standard rooms, you’ll most likely to get an upgrade for your room.

10.Book via phone

How to Upgrade Your Hotel Room for Free (4)

It’s always better to communicate with a person. Therefore, prefer to book via phone directly not via Internet.

11.Don’t forget to tip desk attendant

It’s not a guarantee, but when you tip the desk attendant you will get a  higher chance to get an upgrade.

12.Look nice and sharp!

We know that’s a cliché but people in formal suites or dresses are more likely to get extra services or upgrades for their rooms.

13.Know right people

This might seem a little inappropriate but don’t hesitate to get in touch with the manager of the hotel. Send him or her an e-mail saying how excited you’re about your vacation and all the nice comments you’ve heard about their hotel.


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