Are there real effective ways to be a wonderful date with your someone special? There is no specific formula how one can be a great date but there are a lot of ways you can do for someone to make her feel special and loved.

How to enchant or be endearing to the apple of your eye? It’s not enough to just say the right worlds but to also prove in your actions.

  1. Engage in something that both of you will enjoy.

 Be a Great Date

Maybe there’s a movie that you’ve been wanting to watch, a new restaurant that you wish to try, or an art exhibit that you want to attend to, a date is a great excuse to get yourself there.

  1. Get your body and your mind involved.

 Be a Great DateSome would want to connect with another person by engaging themselves in deep conversations more than just mere small talk while others may want to try outdoor activities. You can recommend a sporty activity like bowling, pool, or even going for a nice nature walk at the Eco Park or somewhere.

  1. Just go with the flow and enjoy the moment. 

 Be a Great DateThere could be some hassles that go along with dates. Many mishaps can happen but you’ll make a far better impression if you stay composed and handle the situation with a cool head.


  1. Get to meet different kinds of people

 Be a Great DateWith the advent of the Internet, dating is now readily accessible anytime. Anyone can have the convenience to access a computer and meet different people even across miles and continents. The more people you meet, the more you can determine what kind of prospective partner you really want.

  1. Ask the right questions

 Be a Great DateEngage in asking open-ended questions and not just close-ended questions answerable by “yes” or “no”. Asking deeper questions can help you learn more about your date and you can also discover if you have the same interests and beliefs.


  1. Treat your date well
     Be a Great Date

Always practice politeness even if the date is not going well the way you expect it to be. It pays to treat other people well as it also goes back to you just like good ‘ol karma.


  1. Practice bill-paying etiquette
     Be a Great Date

Its fine to do “Dutch pay” on dates these days but do not get a calculator inside your bag just to compute your share – it is downright unethical.

  1. Don’t talk about your past
     Be a Great Date

A first date is not the time to be ranting about your failed relationships and how your exes mistreated you. You can be honest without sounding as if you are ranting or complaining which will leave an impression that you are a bitter person.

  1. Be updated of what’s going on around

 Be a Great Date Prepare yourself for great conversation topics more than the usual “slum book” kinds of question and answer. If you are up to date with what’s going on around, news, politics, entertainment, and other interesting subjects, you can have plenty of things to talk about

  1. Wear something decent on your date
     Be a Great Date

Not everyone wants to date a girl or boy who is trying too hard to impress by wearing improper clothes on a date. Do not come off as “cheap” by exposing too much skin.


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