The world is a mesh of the weird – funny, jaw-dropping, cringe-worthy, or downright disgusting stuffs. From the East, to the West, and North to South, everyone serves a dose of it. Hence, we take a look at the top ten weird things happening around the world.

10.Suicidal Monks


How does killing yourself systematically over 3000 days sound? Well, that’s what the SokushinbutsuBuddhist monks of Japan do. The first 1000 days is to eliminate fat from the body by eating only nut and seed, the next 1000 days involves taking poisonous tea. The onset of the next 1000 days involves entering a tomb locked from outside. Every day till the monk dies, he rings a bell; the tomb is closed for the duration of the 1000 days before the monk is removed. What a way to commit suicide.


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