We all have at least one acquaintance that hates his or her job and suffers silently for his every working hour. Low rewards, unpleasant working conditions, and lack of appreciation- all these things create a window of dissatisfaction. Some are assumed to be culprits for doing their best jobs even though they contribute a lot to the society. Taking into consideration the misery index of jobs, we have listed out the top 10 most hated jobs world wide. Just have a look at these and the results may surprise you.

10.TV News Anchor

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Has it ever kindled your imagination that the so called sophisticated TV anchors do hate their jobs? You know why? The reason is that their job requires them to present even the saddening stories in the most professional manner. The way they keep a serene look on their face even while reporting about someone getting brutally murdered, arouses a common tendency amongst masses to hate the social media for being so manipulative.

9.Door-to-Door Salespersons

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Many people associate the face of door-to-door salesmen as the unwanted annoying guests making unsolicited visits to peddle their wares. Such jobs require a pleasing demeanour in addition to the ability to remain calm even when they are provoked. Enduring snubs and screams is nonetheless easy.

8.Traffic Warden

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A highly unrewarding job is of the Traffic Wardens who work for implementation of safety rules of the society but still their job is seldom appreciated. It entails long hours of stay in hostile environment bearing noise, pollution and such other adverse outdoor conditions. Towing away the vehicles or putting a ticket for even minor violations makes people hate the wardens.


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Their image is portrayed as being liars ripping clients with huge fees for navigating legal system. The persuasive abilities of lawyers make them look like blood suckers for they defend their clients by saying whatever it takes in the shield of law of the country. Undoubtedly, they do give valuable legal advice too.

6.School Principal

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The thought of going to the principal’s office frightens most of the students as the Principal is looked upon as a stereotype no-nonsense disciplinarian. Their strict approach for maintaining compliance with safety and other regulations of the school is seldom appreciated.

5.Stock Trader


The image of stock traders is usually seen as greedy and manipulative speculators who try to get rich without honest work. Working for long hours under time pressure and the uncertainty of returns further adds to the reasons of being one of the hated jobs.


Most Hated Jobs (1)

Eventually everyone needs a dentist someday. Still such job makes people hate them for plucking teeth with unbearable pain or causing discomfort in performing other jobs for dental care. No wonder people often hate dentists and wish to avoid them in their life somehow.

3.Tax Experts

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The job of tax experts is much likely hated for they are known for scrutinising the details of hard earned money and ensuring fair collection of dues to the government. They catch the tax evaders who enjoy luxuries on the cost of benefit of society as a whole. People perceive poor services by the government even after paying high taxes which is why it is another reason to hate them.

2.Used Car Salesmen

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He tries to win your trust and then sells you a heap of junk that falls apart as soon as you drive it off. Isn’t that the image that comes to mind when you hear the words “used car salesman”? And why shouldn’t it be? That is how they have been portrayed on television and in movies since long.

1.Estate Agents

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Some of these guys would persuade their granny to sell for less than what her home is worth, just so they can get the deal done and take their commission. It’s always one story when they are selling and other when they are buying.