The biggest part of human evolution has been our ability to communicate and share ideas. This ability has enabled us to accomplish some unimaginable feats. Celebrating this art of communication, we share some of the most commonly used expressions in the English language.

1.Costs an Arm and a Leg

Costs an Arm and a Leg

When it comes to the literal meaning of this expression it would mean that we live in a strange world where you can chop an arm and a leg to get that shiny new car you always wanted. This expression sums up your feeling when something is too expensive.

2.Piece of Cake

Piece of Cake

If you did not speak English and someone told you that their new assignment was a piece of cake, you would most likely think that their professor gave them a beautiful slice of large velvet cake. It is a great expression to show your joviality over something that is easy.

3.Break a leg


Legs seem to be favorite subject in the world of expression and idioms; therefore, we present you with another installment of a leg expression. No, it’s not a way to curse someone; rather it is a pleasant and nonchalant way of wishing someone luck.

4.Let the cat out of the Bag

Let the cat out of the Bag

Well, this is strange why someone would put a poor pussy cat in a small little bag; perhaps someone has very malicious intents about that cat. But no luckily this expression means to reveal a secret. So next time someone asks you to let the cat out of the bag don’t go searching for an actual bag.

5.Hit the books

We realize that there may be several incidents in a student’s life where they literally wish to hit the books so they can have a little peace in their lives. No, it’s not a common practice followed by the English students rather it means that it’s time to start reading those books in preparation for your exams. So what are you waiting for go hit the books?

6.Scratch his back


If someone is feeling itchy and you can do something to help them then you should surely do that, but when an English major asks you about scratching someone’s back don’t be alarmed because he is not accusing you of wandering around the campus and looking for itchy individuals, but he is asking you about a favor that you did for someone.

7.Bite off more than you can chew

Bite off more than you can chew

Have you ever found yourself faced with the dilemma of eating something delicious and you can’t wait to gulp that thing entirely so you can move on with your life or perhaps help yourself to another bite of it? This expression refers to something similar it actually means promising too much without having the ability to handle it.

8.When pigs fly

When pigs fly

I bet there is an alternate universe where the sky is filled with oinking pigs but in this universe, it means something that can never happen. So whenever you think something is highly unlikely, use this amazing piece of expression to let others know.

9.Don’t judge a book by its cover

Dont judge a book by its cover

Perhaps one of the sanest expression in this list. This expression refers to the idea that the physical looks or circumstances don’t always point to the actual nature or purpose of some individual or event. It is a great expression folded in a very good advice.

10.Hit the nail on the Hand

Hit the nail on the Hand

No, he is not asking you to help him fix a painting on his wall what he is referring to is doing something so absolutely right and perfect that it’s like hitting a small nail exactly on its head so it sinks in the wall. So Hit that Nail on the hand and work on your ambitions.


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