Different people have different taste when it comes to collection choices, some collect Stamps while others collect magnets from all the places that they visit. But some people go beyond our imagination with their love for bizarre things that drives us nuts to digest the very thought that, is it even real or possible! Each little collection has some deep meaning or ambition to the collector. Below we share some of the strangest and most eccentric collections from people around the world.

1.Penis Collection


Well this might be something difficult to digest but an Icelandic man named Sigurdur Hjartarson has the largest penis collection in the world. He has collected over 143 samples from different Mammals around the world. Well, this certainly is a very eccentric and stomach turning collection of all.

2.Pokemon Collection


You must have heard the phrase Gotta Catch Em all in your childhood, one lady took this mantra to the heart and set out get the largest Pokemon collection in the world. PikaBellechu holds the world record for having the largest collection Pokemon collectables in the world.

3.Soap Bars Collection

soap collection

Personal Hygiene is very important but one lady from UK went a bit far when she decided to collect Soap bars from all across the world. Carol Vaughn has the impressive collection of 5,000 soap bars and she has no intention of stopping there. She started her collection in 1991 as a hobby and continues to collect different kinds of soap bars from all around the world.

4.Celebrity Hair Locks

hair lock

Having a celebrity crush is a great thing to show your appreciation for their art form and their body of work, but going as far as collecting their hair locks is a bit bizarre. John Reznikoff holds the world’s largest collection of Celebrity locks. He has locks of hair from Abraham Lincoln to Marilyn Monroe. Maybe some day they would be able to invent cloning technology and we would have another Elvis performing on stage.

5.Toasters Collection

 Toasters Collection

Warm Toasts with coffee is a perfect breakfast for millions of people around the world, but an individual named Jens Veerbeck does not care about the toasts but has an obsession with the Toasters. He holds the world’s largest and rarest toaster collection. Jens’ collection contains nearly 600 different models from all around the world some of which cost about $7000.

6.Largest Happy meal collection

Largest Happy meal collection

The world’s largest Happy Meals collection recently went on auction. The 15-year-old Luke Underwood has the largest collection Macdonald’s happy meal toys, posters and memorabilia. The teen boy recently received $10,000 for his entire collection.

7.Dalmatian Collection

Dalmatian Collection

You might think that 101 dogs may be a lot to handle for an individual but 44 years old Karen Ferrier has the world’s largest collection of Dalmatian and related spotty items. This spot obsessed lady had nearly 3,500 pieces of different Dalmatian related items.

8.Coca-Cola Collection

Coca-Cola Collection

Doctors claim that sugary drinks are not very good for your overall health. But having the collection of 8,000 Coca-Cola cans have certainly been healthy for the owner of ColaPlaza. According to the Guinness World Records, he holds the largest collection of Coca-Cola cans in the world.

9.Scalextric Collection

Scalextric Collection

Scalextrics are miniature designs of real cars. An individual sold the world’s largest collection of Scalextric in 2008 for a whooping $1.5 Million. This amazing collection had 1000 different models of cars including Bugatti Type 59 and the modern Bat Mobile.

10.Autograph Collection


Thousands of people around the world collect autographs to commemorate their meeting with their beloved performers and celebrities, but most of those collections are not in their own name. Paul Schmelzer holds the largest collection of autographs signed in his own name from over 70 different celebrities.


  1. You have given a false statement about the Pokemon collector. Pikabellechu is NOT the Guinness World Record holder for Pokemon. A Uk woman is and has been since 2009.


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