Animated movies have been doing the rounds throughout the world while maintaining a spike in the popularity. Be them kids, adults or the pioneers, animated movies are loved by ‘em. Here is the Top Ten Animated Movies of All Time.

10) Shrek

Animated Movies Of All Time (6)

‘Shrek’ 2001 is the first ever animated movie to win an academy award. Shrek, a green ogre sets out to rescue princess Fiona with a donkey, the only character who knows the way to Duloc, in order to get Shrek’ swamp back which is now invaded by fairy tale characters.

9) Monsters, Inc.

Animated Movies Of All Time (4)

Released in 2001, it’s a fascinating tale of a world where monsters generate power by scaring the kids for their valuable screams. Sullivan and his friend Mike Wazowsky falls into trouble when a child enters Monstropolis and all hell breaks loose as they believe she is toxic and contaminated.

8) Finding Nemo

Animated Movies Of All Time (2)

This blockbuster from the year 2003 Is the story of a clown fish Marlin and his son, Nemo. While Nemo gets lost and end up in a fish tank, a blue reef fish joins into the party and sets out to look for Nemo and follows a grand quest across the ocean all the way to Sydney. Wouldn’t you dare it all if it’s your son?

7) Toy story

Animated Movies Of All Time (10)

The very first computer animated feature length film in the history, released in 1995. It’s a story of toys who have human emotions and feelings with main characters being Woody, Buzz and Andy the toy owner. The movie said one of the best animated movies in the infinity and beyond!

6) Spirited Away

Animated Movies Of All Time (7)

A Japanese feature, released in 2001 is a fantasy film with lead character Rumi. Rumi wanders into a world with her parents where they get turned into beasts. ‘Spirited Away’ then sets course to a path to save her parents. A must watch for those who like things a bit niche.

5) Frozen

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If there was any genre in movies called ‘Beautiful’ this film would have be a glorious entry into it. The story builds around two sisters Anna & Elsa with a reindeer to hop in. Ah yes! as fairytales often have, a young handsome savior of the day too.

4) Ratatouille

Animated Movies Of All Time (5)

“Anyone can cook!”- Gusteau, and there goes Remy the rat, climbing up his dreams all the way from the gutter to the best kitchen in Paris. As gentle the story is, such an impeccable movie is truly an experience to grab.

3) Wall – E

Animated Movies Of All Time (11)

After the escape of humans from now wasteland, planet earth. In year 2805,a robot who’s assigned to clean earth off the waste falls in love with the robot EVE. Then sets out a journey that goes all the way to decide the fate of humanity.

2) Beauty and the Beast

Animated Movies Of All Time (1)

A musical might, Beauty and the Beast sails through the saga of complex events with the Beast and the Beauty at the centre. The musical released in 1991 offers a pleasant fusion of romance and fiction to take you away to the world of fairy tales!

1) The Lion King

Animated Movies Of All Time (8)

The perfect suitor for the podium. An extraordinary tale of a lion cub Simba and his quest to the throne preceded by Simba’s father and become The Lion King. A 1994, Walt Disney production ruled not only the box office; it still continues to rule hearts across the globe.


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