When it comes to eyebrows, women give a high importance on brow makeup. Many women try to fill in their eyebrows or at least tint them in lighter or darker color than their original brow hair color, and unfortunately they do not apply eyebrow makeup properly or make some makeup mistakes. However shaping eyebrows in order to get a flawless look is not so hard! Here you can discover how to tint eyebrows with brow pencil by following the tips below!

Eyebrows play a significant role in the expression of our emotions. You can simply have a serious, childish, innocent or erotic expression on your face thanks to the movements of your eyebrows. Besides, you can give almost every shape to them! If your eyebrows are thin, sparse or shapeless; it is possible to make them look perfect by using only a right brow pencil! By tinting your eyebrows in the correct way, you can simply have thicker, fuller, curved or triangular shaped brows matching perfectly with your face shape.

Emphasize ‘The Naturalness’ While Tinting

You should take your skin tone and brow color into consideration before tinting your how-to-tint-eyebrows-with-brow-pencil-1eyebrows. Namely, the color of the brow pencil that you are going to use should match with your skin tone and brow color. Women with light skin tone and blonde hair should prefer light brown and gray tones, however the ones with darker skin tone and hair color should prefer black or dark brown color brow pencils. Otherwise, using only one tone darker or lighter brow pencil will make you get disappointed and result in an unnatural-looking eyebrows. You can also use the brow pencil to make your eyebrows look fuller with a perfect shape!

How To Shape Eyebrows With Brow Pencil

Yes, we know shaping your eyebrows is definitely an important point, however tinting your eyebrows correctly is another significant one as well. So, you should know some tips before shaping your brows perfectly and make them look natural.

The first rule is to cleanse your face gently with a tonic before tinting your eyebrows. Are you ready to spice up your look? Then, let’s get perfect eyebrows.

Apply some powder around your eyebrows like simply creating a frame. Brush them gently to remove the excess powder on the brows and highlight the gaps. Use your brow pencil and draw the shape that you want your eyebrows to take.

Hold the pencil vertically along your nose and start to fill in your eyebrows. This method will prevent you from tinting your brows too dark and unnaturally. Tint your brows gently and slowly, but do not allow to loose their natural shape. If you have thin brows, you can use brow shadow over the brow pencil to make them look fuller. After completing your brow makeup, you can use cotton swabs to clean up the excess tint around your brows.


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