There are lots of dangerous food in the world that you have to think before eating. What is more, we usually consume most of them. Here are the world’s most dangerous foods:

1- Peanuts

Most Dangerous Food In the World (1)

Even though it is hard to believe that peanuts are among the most dangerous foods, millions of people in the world, deadly allergic to peanuts. Peanuts have the highest dead rate amongst the allergen foods.


Most Dangerous Food In the World (2)

We are tend to think that fruits and vegetables are always healthy. However, bacteria like salmonella, e.coli, and listeria are likely to be found in sprouted foods.

3- Sausages

Most Dangerous Food In the World (3)

Sausages take place on the top amongst the foods that cause children who are younger than the age of ten to choke. What is more, according to American Cancer Research Institute, a hotdog a day increase cancer risk by %20.

4- Ackee Fruit

Most Dangerous Food In the World (4)

Ackee, national fruit of Jamaica, is rich in toxins when not grown properly. As a result, it may lead to a disease called “Jamaican Vomiting.” Severe stomach-ache, and vomiting are the first symptoms of the disease whereas  it may cause dehydration, coma, and death in the later stages.

5- Tomatoes

Most Dangerous Food In the World (5)

Sounds interesting but tomato, which is accepted as one of the most innocent vegetables, has stems and leaves that may contain deadly amount of toxin. It was reported that herbal tea made by boiled tomato leaves may cause death.

6- Green Leafy Vegetables

Most Dangerous Food In the World (6)

Just like sprouts, green leafy vegetables like lettuce, kale, and spinach were reported to contain hundreds of viruses and bacteria. As a precaution, you should clean them well with water mixed with vinegar.

7- Manioc

Most Dangerous Food In the World (7)

This vegetable, which commonly grows in tropical zones may contain excessive amount of cyanide which may lead to death.

8- Cherries

Most Dangerous Food In the World (8)

Just like apples and peaches, cherries also contain cyanide and when excessively consumed, it may cause vomiting, renal failure and death.

9- Castor-Oil

Most Dangerous Food In the World (9)

Castor-Oil, which is mainly used for eyebrow and eyelashes care, is said to be a solution for constipation. However, before consuming, it shouldn’t be forgotten that castor-oil is toxic. Laborers who work in the production pf castor-oil were diagnosed with nausea, diarrhea, and hypertension.

10-  Fugu Fish

Most Dangerous Food In the World (10)

This fish, commonly consumed in Japan, is the most toxic fish on the earth. Only one of them can kill 30 people. If th chef doesn’t properly detoxify this fish, the horrible end will be inevitable. According to the statistics, in Japan, between the years of 1887 and 1978, 6925 people died because of Fugu fish. This means, approximately 75 people a year passed away as a result of consuming this food.

11-  Carambola

Most Dangerous Food In the World (11)

This fruit is mortally dangerous especially for those who suffer from renal failure. 100 milliliters of this fruit turn into neurotoxin and it collapses brain and neural system.

12- Apricot Seed

Most Dangerous Food In the World (12)

It is known that fruits are beneficial most of the time, we can’t say the same for their seeds. Did you know the fact that apricot seeds contain hydrogen cyanide? Each year, lots of people die because of consuming too much apricot seeds.

13- Durian

Most Dangerous Food In the World (13)

There are some toxic seeds in the core of durian, which is a very popular fruit in Southeastern Asia. Especially when consumed uncooked, it may cause effects similar to intoxication.

14- Elder

Most Dangerous Food In the World (14)

When ripe and cooked properly, Elder is a completely harmless, but that’s not enough. It should be cleared of its seeds, leaves, and stems. Or else, cyanide it contains may lead to  an intense diarrhea, and this is mortally dangerous.

15-  Microwave Popcorn

Most Dangerous Food In the World (15)

This practical snack isn’t as innocent as it looks. The chemicals contained by its package, may cause mortal results when combined with some flavors of the popcorn.

16- Raw Cashew

Most Dangerous Food In the World (16)

Cashew is very beneficial and is a great nutritional source when consumed raw. But you shouldn’t just eat it raw, because it is known to contain wide range of toxic. Raw cashews sold at stores are packaged  after steam cleaned.

17- Death Cap Mushrooms

Most Dangerous Food In the World (17)

Even though there are lots of toxic mushrooms, this type is known to be mortally dangerous. When eaten, it cause death as a result of sudden diarrhea, and dehydration, in 6-12 hours.



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