First date is exciting but you may feel panicked sometimes. What should you wear? How should you behave? What subject should you talk about? Pay attention to out suggestions for all the answers you need.
Maybe you know each other for a long time or you talked just a few times. You are counting the days to your first date. During this period, excitement and stress are natural. As the first date will be the base of your future, some simple mistakes may result in no more than a conversation on the first (and the last) date.
Below, you can find the things you should avoid on the first date.

Don’t wear clothes that will cause difficulties

Things to Avoid on the First Date (6)
It is natural that you want to be perfect on your first date. However, you shouldn’t prefer dresses that will cause difficulties just to look thinner. No matter how stylish and elegant you look, if you don’t feel comfortable throughout the date, than you cannot focus on the person in front of you. Similarly, you shouldn’t wear too short, too skinny clothes or clothes with very low-cuts. Clothes that will make you feel comfortable will be ideal choices.

Eat something while you are sitting

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Men feel uncomfortable when the woman in front of them does not eat something. Preferring smaller portion than usual may make you look like a person who cares about appearance. Yet, men find this cliché and boring. Seeing a woman who behaves naturally will make them feel more comfortable. The only thing that you should pay attention about eating is to prefer something that is easy to eat.

Don’t talk about the past

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First date means that you gave a chance for a new relationship. However, taking this chance by talking about your old relationships is not right. You shouldn’t talk about your old lovers or bad date experiences. Doing such things may make the man in front of you think that you are a living-in-the-past woman. As you would appreciate, nobody wants to have a relationship with a woman who are not able to leave the past behind. Therefore, we can say that the worst time to talk about the past is the first date – of course, it is the worst time to ask about his past as well.

Don’t act like someone you are not

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First dates may be exciting as well as nervy. It may sometimes be hard to overcome this nervous condition and establish a normal dialog. However, it is not a good idea to act like someone you are not just to have a conversation or just to impress the person in front of you. You don’t have to say that you love classical music or French cinema just because the person in front of you said so. Instead, try to mention your interests and skills. Of course, add some mystery as well.

Don’t talk about sex

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If you are looking for a long-term and serious relationship, talking about sex on the first date may cause confusions in your partner’s mind. You may think that talking about your sexual life has positive effects on men. However, doing so on the first date brings you a one night stand, not a serious relationship. Therefore, leave the conversation about sex for the future dates. If the person talking about sex is not you but the person in front of you, it is better for you to put off kindly. Of course, later, you may need to question his point of view towards a possible relationship.

Don’t talk about your problems

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Nobody dreams of being together with a person who is talking about his/her problems for hours on the first date. Of course, in a relationship, it is so important to share problems with each other. However, first date is not ideal to do so. On your first dates, you need to get to know each other and spend time together and joyfully. Furthermore, talking about problems continuously in a conversation with a person may make that person think that you are querulous.


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