We are effected by a lot of things when we plan our travel. Believe it or not, first thing that effects our travel is what we are eating.We listed the cities for the coffee lover travelers who are ready to go dicovering different coffees.


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When it comes to Vienna,first comes to mind is coffee.In 2011 Vienna coffees had its place in UNESCO intangible heritage list. Not just the coffees but the design of the cafes are really important in Vienna.They are all chosen carefully and you are adore them all.Wiener Melange is counted the most important local coffee.


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Coffee is one of the famous things about capital city of Italy. You can never find a single Starbucks in Rome.Italians have a different coffee culture than ours. They don’t enjoy their coffees as long as we do. There is a never ending race between Cappuccino and Espresso in Rome. Also they drink their coffees cooler than we do. You may have a cold coffee if you don’t say anything.


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Maybe coffee isn’t the first thing that comes to mind but it sure is one of the best things about this city.Strong but sugary coffee will come to your table in a cafe with a lot of music.Named Cubano…This coffee is the brewed with sugar version of regular Espresso. In some cafes ,they bring you a sugar cane with the coffee. You drink coffee and suck the sugar cane.


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We don’t say it because it’s our city,but İstanbul is one of the cities that you can drink the most delicious coffees in the most beautiful places. Drinking Turkish Coffee is the most fun rituals in İstanbul. İstanbul has its own coffee culture that people around the world talk about it since 1555. 3D Wawe Coffee trend is on the rise alongside with the different flavors of Turkish Coffee in this city.


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Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya and also known as the capital city of coffee. It’s hard to drink coffee because of the hot weather but there are a lot of visitors to drink these delicious coffees.


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The population of this city is less than Kadıköy. In this cold weather,drinking coffee is a good way to warm up in this city where is the closest capital city to the north pole. There are no coffee shops chain here. You can find a warm cake with a delicious coffee in the local coffee shops.


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Seattle is where starbucks was born… Also Starbucks’s biggest shop is opened in seattle which is 1.400 square meter. Don’t be surprised if we say that the Seattle is one of the best coffee cities. People in Seattle are freeliver and coffee lover. They managed to make every kind of coffee. The best coffee shops in Seattle calls coffee “Liquid Sun”.


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Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam and it is one of the best coffee cities in the world. Mostly thick and dark coffees are made in Hanoi. There are some interesting coffees in Hanoi. For example egg coffee… It’s called because of the egg shaped cream top of the coffee.


  1. The Starbucks that you mention in Seattle is not a coffee shop but the offices. There is no Starbucks coffee shop that large. Also, this picture is not of a Starbucks.


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