Colors affect our state of mind and how we perceive spaces. It is also one of the most effective elements of interior architecture, decoration and the world of design. A color guide for you to have an idea for your decoration choices is in our web site!

Colors which make us perceive a place larger or smaller than it actually is and make us feel warmer and more peaceful affect our psychological state and the way we perceive places. Although rules are put aside in today’s decoration and places are decorated with a freer point of view, we always come across with color match as a main issue. Before choosing colors to be used in a place, it is necessary to know the colors with their effects. Now, let’s go for a journey on the rainbow and have a look at the color matches.


Main Colors

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Color scale, in the most general sense, is composed of seven colors as yellow, red, orange, blue, green, purple and dark blue. Red, yellow and blue which are mainly present in nature in their own forms are classified as main colors. These colors cannot be obtained as the mixtures of other colors.


Accent Colors

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The colors obtained by mixing other colors are called accent colors. This is the formula:

Yellow + red = Orange

Yellow + blue = Green

Blue + red = Purple

In order to find purple, blue and red in the same amounts are mixed. If there is more red, violet red is obtained and if there is more blue, the mixture becomes dark blue.

If you look at the nature carefully, you realize that most colors are the different mixtures and tones of red, yellow and blue. Black and white are totally related to the reflection of sunlight. The objects absorbing light without reflecting it are seen black and the color of reflecting objects is perceived as white.


Transverse Colors

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Transverse colors complete each other and when they are used together, they breathe new life into the place as it is seen in the next picture. Actually, we come across with the examples of it in the nature, every day. A red rose with green leaves, a house among the trees with its red roof, orange sun in the sunset blue etc.


Color Wheel

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Color wheel is mainly based on three main colors as blue, red and yellow. The colors next to each other and opposite to each other in this wheel create compatible combinations.


Warm and Cool Colors

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Color scheme is divided into two as ‘warm’ and ‘cool’ according to their intensity and psychological effect they create on people. This division is mainly based on the categorization of the colors reminding us fire and the ones create sense of calm. Yellow is the leading color among the ones which give energy, jazz up and which is intense. It is the color of sun, the warmest, brightest and the most extraverted of all colors. It represents a sense of hope, and has a meaning reflecting communal living and working together. Actually it is not a coincidence that all taxi-cabs around the world are yellow. Red and orange are also among the most powerful warm colors. The color scale from blue to purple represents cool colors and creates a sense of calm.


How to make true color choice

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In order to make a good color choice for a place, it is necessary to consider many points like its size, for what purpose it will be used and in what way it receives light. Dark, garish and neon colors should not be used in small places. Prefer light colors in order to perceive the place larger. You can make your color palette by painting side by side on a white ground or you can have an idea about color match by cutting and sticking from the color scheme.




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