Did your flight delayed? No problem! You won’t even want to leave the terminal in these amazing 10 airports.
There is something we’d like to explain – we love airports! You can start early to your holiday fun or end your holiday very chic in these 10 airports!

Singapore Changi International Airport (SIN)

The Best 10 Airports İn The World (5)
Singapore Changi is the airport that won “The best airport in the world” prize three times in a row and a wonderful place to make jealous other airports.
In this spreaded in 3 giant terminal airport passengers get the chance of diving in to the terrace pool,going for a walk in the butterfly garden,watching the movies in 24 hours free cinema to spend their time.In addition,there is a “Social Tree” that allows you to share the favourite pictures and videos of your holiday.
Did the final boarding call announced? No problem. You can catch your plane in a second with a four floor high slide in terminal 3 which there isn’t any bigger in Singapore.

Helsinki Airport (HEL) – Finland

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Most travelers set foot on first at Helsinki airport when they come to Finland. Helsinki airport shows Finnish style and craftsmanship to the travelers.No, we don’t just talk about the official Moomin shop inside the airport.
First of all,there is a Finnish sauna in the exclusive passenger sedan. Then travelers get the chance of relaxing at spectecular Aspire Lounge which is full of stylish Finnish furnitures and the works of successful local artists.
But it’s not the Helsinki airport’s all interesting features. It’s achieving giving peace and comfort to the travelers. Visit book swap station and airmanship museum or at least attend free yoga and pilates classes when you are here.

Munich Airport (MUC) – Germany

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The worst part of being stuck in the airport is to make happy the kids. But maybe not with a park for the kids where they can run and watch for the planes landing or play mini golf .
You can do that all at the Munich airport’s visitors park.This park is perfect for the passengers who is bored to wait inside the terminal. You can even apply to the free surfing classes if it’s summer.
Would you like to freshen up with a cool drink or eat bratwurst sausage? You can enjoy Bavyera without stepping outside with the over 50 bars and restaurants at the airport. You will see the time flies when you are having fun.

Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) – China

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Hong Kong airport is 30 minutes away from the downtown by train and it is builded on it’s own island. The airport has golf course,the biggest IMAX movie theater in the city and a iSports gym.
And don’t get surprised if you bump into the art galleries dedicated to the local legends like Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee.

Dubai International Airport (DXB) – BAE

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You can mistake the Dubai International airport with the mall.
However,like in the city,passengers find the designer boutiques and jewelers and more in this busy airport. If you want to see the zen garden ,have a nap in the comfortable sleeping cubes or relax at one of the eight exclusive passenger sedan,you need to come earlier before your flight.

McCarran International Airport (LAS) – Las Vegas ,NV, USA

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Even if it’s the least flashy airport,McCarren airport presents the perfect start or ending to the Sin City.
You can kill time (or your bank acoount) with the 1.234 slot machines.
Then, you can enjoy in one of the famous family restaurant Village pup with beered fish and fries in terminal 3.Viva Las Vegas!

Hamad International airport (DOH) – Doha,Qatar

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Hamad International Airport is opened in 2014 and spent 16 billion dollars. Altough it’s new it quickly won the the reputation with flashy style.
It has a mosque,two hotels,70 stores and a terrace pool.And you can find a 7 meter long teddy bear at the center of the terminal’s upstairs.
This work is made by the Swedish sculptor Urs Fischer and it is one of the 28 international artworks. There are a robot dinasour and a giant playground with metal stickmen among others.

London Heathrow (LHR) – England

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London Heathrow has come a long way to please 74 million passengers, especially with their stomach.
Don’t you have time to eat? You can try wallet friendly 3 piece lunch which you can take it to the plane with you.
You can try fried muffin and caviar in the Fortnum & Mason where the royal family prefers if you are looking for a gourmet food.

Incheon International Airport (ICN) – South Korea

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Korean Culture Museum presents the impressive collection of 5.000 years of historical clothes,tablets and instruments.

You will witness the living Korean culture with the Sanjo to K-Pop music performances and the impersonation of royal ceremonies.

Wellington Airport (WLG) – New Zealand

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This city became popular with its nature and the filming place of Lord of The Ring and Hobbit series.
Don’t panic when you see the Gollum statue or the flying Smaug at the duty free store.
Wellington airport also known by its impressing architecture and design. The prize winner international terminal “The Rock” has a design like cocoon .


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