Plants are the solutions  for dandruff,itching,hair loss problems.

Is your hair getting grey? Do you have itching and dandruff problems in your hair? Do you have hair loss more than usual? You can find solutions with the plants in your home to your hair problems… We have searched for a herbal solution for hair loss,dandruff,itching,grey hair,breaking,electrification problems. Here are the success promising herbal solutions.

Formulas for hair loss

Solutions for Hair Loss and Dandruff

Apply two scale of almonds oil and one scale of rosemary oil mixture to your hair by massaging.

Add one or two tea spoon of sage tincture to your daily shampoo. This formula also protects your hair color.

Boil same amount of burdock root,rosemary,stinging nettle seeds and lavender in two liters of water.

Boil a handful of green lily leaves in 250 grams of olive oil. Strain the mixture and add a little essence. Apply this lotion to the bottom of your hair.

Boil 75 grams of pulverized flowery basil in half liter of water. Brew for 20 minutes and filter it.Wash your hair with this tea twice a week.

Formulas for dandruff

Solutions for Hair Loss and Dandruff (1)

Mix and apply two spoon of olive oil,one spoon of eucalyptus oil,one spoon of yoghurt,one capsul of vitamin E,one tea spoon of sea salt,few drops of lavender to the bottom of your hair and cover your haair with plastic bag and wait for two hours.Then wash pur hair with a shampoo for dandruff. Do it once a week.

Add a coffee cup of apple vinegar in to two liters of water and use it for rinsings.

Boil rosemary and apply that liquid to the bottom of your hair by massaging. Do it twice a week.

Boil two spoon of carob seed in one liter of water and filter it. Use this mixture twice a week.

Add one desert spoon of chicory flowers (for blondes) or one desert spoon of chopped stinging nettle leaves (for brunettes) into two glass of boiled water.Wait for it to cool. Filter it and use it to rinse your hair by massaging.

Formula that reduces hair itching

Mix one spoon rosemary oil, one spoon of grape vinegar,one desert spoon of salt, four capsules of powdered aspirin and apply it like dyeing  your hair and wait for two hours. Use it this mixture several times a week.

Warm up ¼ liter of apple almost to the boiling point but don’t boil it. Add a handful of stinging nettle leaves.Filter it after 15 minutes and apply it to your hair by massaging.

Formula that reduces grey hair

Solutions for Hair Loss and Dandruff (2)

Pestle 5-6 green walnut leaves and a pinch of daphne leaves together. Pour some water until it overlaps two times and boil it. Filter the boiling mixture and apply it to the bottom of your hair. Repeat it once a week.

Crush an onion and 5 cloves of garlic together. Add and one egg yold and one spoon of olive oil make it creamy.Apply it to your hair and wait for an hour. Use this mixture once a week.



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