Do you want perfect hair without making any effort? The solution is easy: Just sleep!

We know what you think, it is impossible to sleep with wet hair and wake up with a good hair style because doesn’t matter how many times you tried, you wake up with messy-looking hair. But it is not impossible.  The famous hair designer of Elizabeth Arden, Woody Michleb, shares tips of having a perfect hair style after sleeping with wet hair.

Twist Your Hair And Make A Bun

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We can hear you saying “but my hair would look awful”, don’t worry there is something different here. The most important thing for the beginners is of course the choice of hair care products.

“If your hair is not too dry, don’t use leave-in hair cream, otherwise your hair will be moist the next day” says Michleb.

Instead you can use sun spray in order to get a more natural look. Spray the product to a towel, moisten your hair and make a bun. Instead of using hairgrips you can use 3 of 4 kirby grips. When wake up, shake your hair, use some hair spray and volume it up.

Those who have thick hair can dry their hair for a couple of minutes but those who have thin hair should apply the process when hair is moist.

Freedom To The Braids!

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This is the part where you can use your creativity and create interesting hair style. If you sleep with French braid, it gives your hair nice waves. Curls if you sleep with African braids; and light waves if you tie your hair before sleeping.

These hair styles are all up you. What’s more, you can use some hair oil in order to get a shiny and healthy look.

Princess Leia Buns

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Yes, it’s as easy as it’s seen! Divide your hair into two sections. Then twist your hair and make two buns. That’s all! Use an elastic hair band and untie them when you wake up. You can use some hair spray in order to volume up your hair. Now you are ready!

Make A Ponytail

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If you make a messy ponytail at night, you wake up with a really nice hair style. Make a ponytail and pin your hair. Divide the ponytail into sections, twist those sections and use kirby grips. You can use hair spray in order to stabilize your hair.

Hark Back With Hair Balls

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Old generations used to use hair balls, because they really work! Use molder cream, hair balls and kirby grips. Shake your hair when wake up, and be ready for the day!


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