You might think strobing is some fancy thing you do with lights at the club, but in fact, it’s makeup’s newest trend. Ever wonder how all the celebrities get caught on camera seemingly wearing no makeup but still looking fresh and bright eyed? Well, true, they often spend hours getting ready for the paparazzi, but other than that, the answer is strobing, also known as highlighting. While many red carpet looks rely heavily on contouring, a technique that uses bronzer and deeper and lighter colored foundations to create angles and dimension in the face, giving it a more sculpted look, strobing uses a highlighter to catch the light in key places and reflect it. The result is a fresh face, skin that looks dewy and glowing, and a far more natural look than the dramatic contouring technique. Highlighters now come in many textures and colors; the most popular kinds of highlighter are either powder- compressed or loose, stick, or cream. Their colors range from iridescent pearl through golden champagne and soft, shimmering pinks, to gold and terracotta bronzes.

Shine Like a Spotlight With Strobing (2)

They all contain teeny tiny glittery flakes, aimed at maximizing light capture and really giving a youthful glow. Highlighter can be applied under or over foundation, depending on how much shine you want to get. The powder ones should be applied carefully and sparingly, using a big fluffy brush, like a blush brush. The cream and stick highlighters can be placed on skin with a brush or even with fingers. When applying highlighter you should aim to place it in places that catch the light: on the cheekbones, on the bridge of your nose, on your eyebrow bone and inner corner of your eye, and on your cupid’s bow, above the upper lip. Be careful when you use highlighter. You should place it accurately, to maximize this technique’s benefits.

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Using highlighter on the brow bone and inner corner of the eye immediately gives the eyes an open, awake look, and using it on the cheekbones and bridge of the nose draws the eye’s attention when the light hits, creating the same definition for the face as contouring, but looking more natural. Using it on the cupid’s bow gives lips a fuller look. Once applied, just blend the highlighter and you’re good to go! This natural look works best with a light foundation, natural colored lipstick, and some mascara for daytime, and really brings out a nighttime look with a dramatic cat-eye and some bold, red lipstick. Using highlighter and strobing will instantaneously make you look awake, fresh and happy!


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