Here are some positions for a healthy and fun sex life during pregnancy:

Position 1

  • This position is not preferrable for pregnant women especially for the late pregnancy weeks, in which there may be an unexpected pressure on abdomen in an uncontrolled way. This may lead to gestational sac damage and early water break and eventually a premature baby may need a long medical attention. Sex should continue during pregnancy but you should find the least harmful way without increasing the pressure in the abdomen.

Position 2

  • This position is one of the mostly loved ones not only by the pregnant women but also everyone. This is the leader of the pregnancy sex positions because it does not increase the pressure in abdomen and thus leaves no risk of water break. You should be careful to give the pressure to knees and ankles to avoid stomach pressure. Both clitoris and the G-spot is avoked in this position and it gets orgasm easier even subsequently. All the couples, especially pregnant ones, can continue with their relationship through this position.

Positon 3

  • Almost all women can have an orgasm in this position easily. This position does not increase the pressure of the abdomen and so it is one of the mostly chosen positions of all phases of pregnancy. As woman is more active than man, she can control the moves, adjust the time of the intercourse and the depth of the penis in vagina. This position is  also a favorite for men. Men can prolong their duration and early coming is generally not a problem for this position. Clitoris is evoked easily and as the control is with the woman, orgasm can be adjusted accordingly. Pregnant women can use this position comfortably. The only thing to be careful about is that if the penis is longer than the average, the depth should be controlled as this may cause some pressure in the vagina. This control is in the hands of women.

Positon 4

  • This position is one of the safest ones in pregnancy. Both man and woman gives the least effort in this position. The depth of penis in vagina can easily be controlled by man. The stimulation of the G-spot in vagina is also possible. This position should be chosen especially in the late weeks of pregnancy. As for all the positions in pregnancy, breasts should not be stimulated in this, too. Breast stimulation may lead to cramps in uterus and may even lead to early delivery. Man should go back during ejaculation, too. This position is a spice for late pregnancy times.

Position 5

  • As woman is in a passive position, she spends less energy in this. Man is active and can easily control the penetration depth. This position is convenient for every stage of pregnancy. Clitoris stimulation is easier and G-spot stimulation is less. Breasts should be avoided again. Ejaculation should be out of the vagina. This position can be combined with others during pregnancy.

Position 6

  • This position is not harmful for pregnancy but woman is more active and spends more energy so it may cause a quick tiredness. Although the stimulation of clitoris and G-spot is good, this position is not very preferrable on the side of women because pregnant women normally should avoid excessive effort in all times and conditions. This can be applied as a complement to other positions in very short times. All the intercourse with this position is not reccomended.


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