Even if you have a perfect skin, you should always try to protect it because our surroundings, makeup and stress affect our skin in a negative way. Do you think women having a beautiful skin are just lucky? Then, you are wrong. There are some tips to apply for protecting your skin. You might better call them some habits that have a great effect on your skin.

If you want to know the secret of women having a flawless skin, then keep reading this article!

They Never Sleep With Makeup On

These women do not sleep with makeup on even though they are tired. Because sleeping with makeup on your face causes pore congestion and acne. Sleeping with makeup on will make the skin look tired and make the wrinkles more visible. If you sleep with an eye makeup, you are likely to wake up with itching eyes. Because the mascara or any other product can dry your eyelids, you may have irritation.

If you cleanse your skin every day and night, you will wake up with a fresh feeling on your skin. A clear skin rests during the night and renews itself.

They Use A Face Cleansing Product That Suits Their Skin

One of the secrets of these women is that they use a cleansing product that suits their skin type. If you know the needs of your skin and take care of it, you will be one step closer to a better skin. If you have oily skin, you should use the cleansing gels that contain salicylic acid. If you have dry skin, you should use cleansing milks that will moisturize your skin. If you have blemished skin, you should prefer the cleansing products with highlighting effect that contain fruit acids.

They Apply Retinol Creams Regularly

Women over 35 years old should use products containing retinol. The collagen level of the skin starts to decrease after the age of 30 and the skin starts to age. The decrease in collagen means wrinkles and stains on the skin. The products containing retinol trigger the collagen synthesis and support the production of collagens. Night creams containing retinol will be ideal.

They Know The Importance Of Moisturizers

Many women having a flawless skin are aware of the importance of moisturizers. You should moisturize your skin every night and day with a moisturizer that suits your skin type. The perfect time for moisturizing skin is definitely right after the shower or before sleeping. But make sure that you apply the moisturizer on a dry skin.

They Would Never Overdo Something

Applying every product overdosed is never the key to have a flawless skin. Excessive cleansing and moisturizing could cause the irritation and many skin problems.

For example, a very dry skin could excrete much oil and this could cause acne problems.

They Know The Importance Of Sleep

The Secrets Of Women With Beautiful Skin (1)

When you haven’t slept enough, your skin looks fatigue and pale. During the night and sleep, skin renews and repairs itself. The skin is exposed to toxins all day long but when you’re sleeping these are cut off and the skin starts to be repaired by enzymes. When you have enough sleep, your skin is ready for another day. When you haven’t slept enough and woke up tired, it means your skin is also not rested and repaired. You should sleep 8 hours a day. Growth hormone is activated during the last stage of your sleep and it makes your skin shiny and repairs its tone differences.

They Would Never Go Out Without The Sun Cream

There is a simple fact that if you protect your skin from the sun, it will look fresh and young. If you sunbath too much, your skin will get very wrinkly. If your skin is exposed to ultraviolet too much, it will decrease the collagen level and cause ageing.

Not only on holidays but also in daily life, you should use a day cream having a protection effect.

They Know The Secrets Of A Flawless Makeup

You should apply moisturizer on your skin before applying makeup. If you apply makeup to a dry skin, it would look very matt and heavy. You should also use a foundation or powder that is the exact color of your skin and concealer should be in a lighter tone than these two.

They Never Skip Cleansing The Makeup Brushes

Women with a fresh skin always cleanse their makeup brushes along with other makeup products. Makeup brushes that lay down on the makeup table or in the makeup bags too long would have too much dust and bacteria on them. Using these brushes while putting makeup on your skin would cause acne, clogged pores and other skin problems. Do not forget that you have to cleanse your brushes at least once a week. It is always a good idea to use clean brushes for a perfect makeup!

They Believe In The Power Of Green Drinks

Women with perfect skin know that the green drinks containing vegetables increase the oxygen level in their skin. Keep in mind that green drinks containing spinach, broccoli and cucumber are so beneficial not only for your skin but also for your metabolism.

They Have A Balanced And Healthy Diet

Women with flawless skin have a balanced and healthy diet. Consuming Omega-3 foods such as linseed, walnut and fish will help you to keep your skin moisturized.


  1. One of the cardinal sins of losing elasticity
    in your face is moving hand strokes in the
    wrong direction. Never, Never pull your
    facial skin in a downward direction. Whether
    you’re You’re cleansing, applying or removing makeup, moisturizing, or whatever; always
    move hand stroked in an upward direction.
    And do not “prop sorrows”; i.e. use your cheek as a resting place for your fingers or cuffed
    hands. And; pat, pat, pat- rather than rub,
    rub, rub the skin on your face.


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