In recent years, Tv series and movies made about superheroes have drawn people’s attention to this issue. Up to the present, there was no scientific evidence of any person with supernatural powers but a study started in 2014 quietly brought results. Superheroes do really exist!

A group of scientists leading by Prof. Stephen Friend studied the DNA  of 600,000 people of all around the world at Mount Sinai Hospital’s Icahn School of Medicine in New York. The main purpose of the study was to compare the differences of DNA and reach more information about it. But the results were surprising.

Superheroes  (1)

The researhers found 13 individuals who have natural resistance to serious diseases. According to Friend, it is imposible to be sick for these individuals. These people according to the study published in Nature Biotechnology do not have cancer, cardiac diseases and other serious diseases. Friend stated that they won’t announce  identities of 13 people for their safety. Therfore, they started to research these 13 incredible individual’s organic relatives.

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Maybe you are one them!

One of the most thrilling facts of the study is that 13 out of random 600,000 are superheroes. Think about it! There are approximately 7 billions of people in the whole world! There is a possibility that 150 millions of people would have ‘’Superhero DNAs’’ so these DNAs would be widespread.  Friend and his team believe that they can hold the answer to beat a range of illnesses by taking samples of people who has superhero DNAs.

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Friend said that they have changed the name of the fascinating project as ‘’Resilience Project’’ so he claimed that these 13 individuals were born with genetic immunity and they look like the popular superhero figure ‘’Wolverine’’. He also added with humour ‘’ Of course, just like other people they are not resistant to bullets or sloggings. Something in their genome causes to be resistant to biological illnesses and viruses. These 13 people are precious to us, we are not thinking of shooting them in the head and see if they live’’.  


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