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A glance at World’s top 10 Richest Authors


Book lovers cannot reside with any other hobby other than book reading. Same goes for the writers of the books who seek pleasure in writing and giving their readers a time to rejuvenate in their lackluster surroundings. The writers while captivating the readers manage to make money for their magic. The writings earned their authors fame and eventually money because they entertained their readers in the best possible way. Here we present the top down list of top ten authors who became millionaires in pursuing their flair and penchant for writing.

1) J.K. Rowling

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The all time favorite of all age groups, ‘Harry Potter’ series writer, after being discouraged by her elder brother for writing stories for children made it to the top position with net earnings worth a billion dollar. Harry Potter as declared in the novel by the author is famous among all not only in the magical world but also the human world.



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