As we all know nail polish is a cosmetic lacquer which has various color scales. It is used by millions of women. Besides it’s beauty effect on nails, it has refreshing and protective effects when it is applied properly.

Eventhough using colorful polishes is entertaining, there is always a risk of pouring out polish on your clothes, carpet or sofa. If your favorite dress is stained, you may panic. But if you follow the methods we recommend you below, you will get rid of nail polish stains!

Of course, the very best solution is covering the place or wearing a worn-out cloth or apron before you apply nail polish. However if you took no precautions and ended up in a mess, you can follow the methods below.

Practical methods to get rid of nail polish stains

1. Removing nail polish stains from clothes by using cosmetic lacquer remover

What you will need:

-Nail lacquer remover (prefer a non-acetone remover)How To Remove Nail Polish Stains (4)

-Cotton ball (recommended) / or cotton pads

Steps to Clean:

-Put a few drops of lacquer remover on a piece of fabric or cotton.

-First, make sure that remover does not decolorize your cloth. If remover does not damage your cloth, you can apply it on the stained area without concern.

– Moisturize your cotton ball and then put it on the stained area. In a short period of time, you will see that remover penetrates the fabric.

-You should refresh the cotton ball constantly in order not to stain the other part of your cloth.

-When you remove the polish stain completely, rinse your cloth according to the washing instructions on the label and dry it without using drying machine.

2. Removing Nail Polish from Upholstery FabricsHow To Remove Nail Polish Stains (2)

– If nail polish stain is still wet, you are lucky because it is easy to get rid of it. By using paper towel or a piece of fabric, you can nearly remove all the stain. You must be careful while applying because nail polish can spread around easily. What is more important is choosing the correct cleaning materials; your paper towel and cloth should be very absorptive.

-Put a few drops of remover on a cotton ball and apply cotton only on the stained area. You can test the remover on the back side of upholstery fabric or an unnoticeable area. When you ensure that it doesn’t bleach the fabric, you can begin the cleaning process. Also if your fabric is synthetic, you shouldn’t rub the remover, or else the stained area will look worse. Lastly, don’t pour the remover on the stained cloth directly. It will be hard to control the liquid.

-Keep rubbing until the stain is completely removed.

-Use a sponge to rinse the area, but before using it, be sure that the fabric is dry.

3. Removing Nail Polish by Using Hydrogen Peroxide

How To Remove Nail Polish Stains (3)-Some removers or acetones are not efficient enough to remove the nail polish stain. In such circumstances, we use another savior; hydrogen peroxide. Stained area should be wiped with hydrogen peroxide and then the same process should be repeated with a clean towel. Continue doing the process until the stain is wholly gone. But that method has some disadvantages. Hydrogen peroxide may bleach some materials. Therefore, necessarily test it on an unnoticeable area before beginning the cleaning process.

4. Using Hairspray

– Spray it on your unused toothbrush and with circular motion gently apply it on the stained areas of clothes or carpet.

5. Using Bug Spray

-According to some sources, you can use bug spray to get rid of nail polish stains. As we described above, spray it on an unused toothbrush and apply it gently on the fabric.

Here are some more additional tips!

* Read carefully your laundry care label before applying any method that we recommended above. If fabric is synthetic or modacrylic, you should take your cloth to the dry-cleaner to remove the stain. Or else you may ruin the fabric.

* As we advised above, test it on an unnoticeable area before beginning to cleaning process in order not to damage the fabric.

* If a wooden material is stained, do not apply nail polish remover because those kind of removers ruin the lacquer. Instead of this, apply hair spray and wait for 30 seconds. Lastly, use a clean towel to remove the rest of the stains.

* If a precious or an expensive material is stained, do not take the risk! Take it to dry-cleaner.

* If one method does not work, don’t give up! Try another one. There must be another way to fix nail polish problem.

* If you are in a rush but you just ruined your hair with nail polish, you should immediately use non-acetone remover to wipe it out when it is still wet. If you are too late to clean and it gets dry, don’t worry! Try using moisturizing cream or oil.


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