If you want to have a perfect skin, you should know your skin type first, and how to moisturize it correctly.

Combination Skin


Key features: The T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) is an oily area, however the skin around the eyes and cheeks are dry.

How to care:

After washing your face in the morning, you can care your T-zone by using some skin cleansing products. In order to moisturize your facial skin, you can use a moisturizer. It will help with locking the moisture in the skin, and make your skin restore its moisture balance. So, your skin will look perfect, smooth and relax.

You will definitely see the result as it restores the moisture balance and open up the pores. You can also use liquid foundation while applying makeup in order to prevent pore clogging. Don’t forget to wash your face with warm water before bed with face cleansing products containing salicylic acid.

Oily Skin:


Key features: Oily skins always look shiny. The clogged pores prevent your skin to breathe. They lead to acne and blackhead problems.

How to care:

Wash your face every morning with skin cleansing products containing salicylic acid. It will help you to get rid of the excess oil on your facial skin and open up your pores. Apply a tonic containing salicylic acid, then you can use a face lotion containing the same ingredient. Afterwards, you can apply a face moisturizer with SPF 15+. It may be good to use oil absorbing sheets to wipe off the extra oil on your skin.

Wash your face with warm water and apply the right cleansing product before bed. You can also apply a tonic and lotion containing salicylic acid. Don’t forget to apply face mask on your skin for oily skins.

Dry Skin:


Key features: This type of skin is so sensitive due to the low level of facial skin oil. You may have acne problem especially on your cheeks.

How to care:

Gently wipe your face with the alcohol-free face cleanser in every morning. After washing your face with warm water, you should use a moisturizer. It will moisturize your face skin and make your face skin regain its natural glow.

At nights, apply an alcohol-free cleanser to your face skin. Then, rinse with warm water. In order to prevent your skin to exfoliate, you can apply moisturizing night cream on your skin.

You can also apply a hydrating face masks once a week. You should prefer liquid foundation while applying makeup, and use lip balms with moisturizing effect.


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