Let us warn you at the beginning: the things we are going to share here are general opinions. There is no rule saying that each one will be valid for you. Of course, understanding the signs given and interpreting them are up to you and the relation between you two. Yet, we think that each line below will be helpful for you to read and evaluate those signs.

1. When she catches you while you are looking at her, she looks at you as well and keeps doing this at regular intervals.

2. As she is sitting, if she is not facing you, she turns her body towards you with a slight move.

3. As she is in a conversation with you, she maintains eye contact with you – so to say, she can’t take her eyes off you.


4. She asks many questions – whether you are alone or in a group, she bombards you with questions. You, become her only target.

5. She wants to be close to you; if appropriate conditions exist, she wants to keep the distance between you two close.

6. To start a conversation, she may say or ask irrelevant things: the volume is high, the light is low, what time is it, is there something in my hair etc.

7. It will be a cliché, but she play with her hair while you are talking to each other.

8. Sometimes explicitly, sometimes implicitly, she gives you compliments – even saying that “you are different” may be a compliment, too.

9. While she is laughing at your jokes, she tends to come into direct contact with you by touching.

10. When you say that you like something, she don’t hesitate to say “me too!” – in fact, she especially says so.

11. She don’t let the conversation between you end, she alternates the subject with another when the existing subject is no longer maintained.

12. She will definitely want to know whether you have a girlfriend or not – she probably asks “Does your girlfriend know that you are here?”

13. When she did something or said something, she will look at you just to see your response.

14. She will want to establish a close connection, a cozy relation.

15. If you go out with her friends, she will want to introduce you to her friends.

16. When her friends go to the toilet or go outside to smoke, she will prefer to stay with you.

17. When she joins your social circle, she will talk a lot – not because she is a chatterer, she wants you to know that she is there.

18. Don’t be surprised when she calls you with a nickname.

19. She may pretext just to be closer to you, to be alone with you.

20. When you get too close by mistake, she don’t shy away from you or show strong reaction. If she does, then it means that you crossed the line.

21. She will carefully avoid talking about her love life.

22. If she has to leave the event before you, she will definitely look for you and say “We are leaving” to you. We hope you don’t say “Goodbye” only.


Yes, these are common things, but they are almost standards.


Don’t interpret every action of a woman gratuitously, handle everything as a whole. Don’t make inferences just because a woman looked at you once or played with her hair while talking to you. Don’t forget that these 22 conditions should be handled as a whole – for you to conclude that a woman is PROBABLY into you, at least half of these conditions should be valid.


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