Do you ever want to turn a photo into painting?

Prisma application which has been developed by Prisma Labs allows you to turn your photograps into works of art. The new application enables you to edit photographs similar to the styles of famous artists such as Picasso, Van Gogh, Munch by taking photograph filters a step forward that we have already  experienced in Instagram.

The image editing app is a trend now. It converts original images to paintings. Prisma has an unexampled technology of artificial neural network that changes the pictures to different styles instead of applying effects to them. After Prisma editing has done, photos look unique and impressive with the help of its different cool artistic effects.

Becoming Really Popular In a Short Span of Time

Prisma got trending now. Originated from Russia, Prisma has become very popular and got the title of the best app in application stores in Russia and old Soviet countries. Prisma was first released for iOS devices but an Android version is coming soon as well.   

It is stated on Thenextweb website that Android version of Prisma will be released in the end of the month. Beside editing photos, it is said that works are in progress to use the same filters for videos. Unlike other apps (Photoshop etc), results are realistic just like artistic paintings. It is easy to use, fun to play around and has amazing results. Prisma doesn’t apply filters actually, it redraws your picture.

Give it a shot and see how your pictures change!     



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