Yes, we know some days are bad hair days. But if you don’t have time to take a shower one more time, these practical solutions will save your day!

Every woman has experienced bad hair day at least once in their life. One day you wake up and realize that however hard you try your hair does not look good. However you look like a movie star with your hair on some days when you are in your pyjamas, sometimes the day can turn into a bad hair day when you have a date. You may not have time to wash your hair and style it. But with these solutions, we will help you get through the bad hair day.

Here are the solutions for a bad hair day!

If your hair is dirty or greasy

Are you fed up with washing your hair everyday because it looks greasy after a while or don’t you have time to take a shower? Then…Dry Shampoos, the latest innovation among the hair products, will be your best friend! After spraying dry shampoo on the roots of your hair, brush it and make a really tight ponytail. This style will look really good on you!

If you need extra volume

If you want to volumize your dull hair, you can bring a huge effect with a little touch. For example, trying to part your hair on the opposite side than you normally do. For more volume, spray some hair spray on the roots and apply a little heat with blow dry, then it will be easy to volumize your hair with a brush or just by hands.

If you are just looking for a tidy hairstyle

Messy hair can also look tidy. You do not always have to tie your hair! You can end the messiness and look stylish with hair grips.

If you need to hide your hair roots

If you don’t have time to dye your hair roots, all you need to do is to make them less appear. It is wise to stay away from the straight, dull hair parted down the middle since it will make your hair roots more visible. One of the best solutions is to make your hair wavy and voluminous with the help of a curling to hide your hair roots.

If your hat leaves a mark

If you want to wear your hat for long hours without leaving a mark on your hair, let us offer you a small trick. Part your hair on the opposite side; when you take the hat out, part it again on the other side. Even if the hat leaves a mark, you will hide it.

If you are not able to control your curly hair

There may be so many fans of your curly hair but it takes a long time to get your hair into a good shape. A messy bun would look super cool on this kind of hair style. Your bun should be a bit tight but messy at the same time, let a small part of your hair fall down on your face. In that way, you can create an effortless, bohemian style!

If your hair gets fizzy

A little bit of fuzziness is good if it will give your hair volume. But if it gets out of control, you need to find a solution! You can try to keep your conditioner or mask a bit longer on your hair or try applying some hair spray on the brush and brush your hair gently.

If your bangs are long enough

If your bangs are long enough, an easy and cool braid will help you. Part your hair on one side and start braiding, end it right next to your face or put it behind your ear.


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