When it comes to car seats, you should know that the correct usage makes a great difference between major and minor injuries.

A mum approaches the subject cautiously. In order to gain attention for how important the correct chest clip placement on your child’s car seat harness is, she finds an effective way to show it.  

do-you-place-your-childs-car-seat-chest-clip-correctly-1In the post taking the Internet by storm, Ashley Kulm explains the issue:

‘Mr. Bones here is demonstrating on the left why his chest clip sucks. He would have internal bleeding to his vital organs. Mr.
Bones on the right has the chest clip properly placed and his organs protected by his rib cage.’

Ashley Kulm describes herself as a ‘Child Passenger Safety Advocate’. She explains that she does a deep research about child car seat safety, and says that if you want your child to be safe while travelling, you should always consider car set safety. She adds that someone does not have to be a parent to be an advocate on this issue. To spread this information, she creates a page about child safety on Facebook.

do-you-place-your-childs-car-seat-chest-clip-correctlyIn her post, she reminds us the child who bruised badly in a car accident last year.

‘’This is a three year old girl who was just in a car accident. The bruising on her chest is from her chest clip on her five point harness. Notice it was correctly positioned on her chest, at armpit level right between her nipples. Had the clip been placed lower, she likely would have had organ damage and internal bleeding (Or even been ejected from the car!). Had it been placed higher, she could have been asphyxiated. It’s that important.’’

It is explained in detail below:


If you have not seen the post of Heather Starr on Facebook, then please take the time to read this caption. The positioning of chest clips is very important for your child’s safety while travelling in a vehicle. The first top picture shows a child properly restrained in the five point harness system with the chest clip positioned at the armpit level. In the middle picture, the vital organs are shown underneath the abdomen of a child. The very last picture shows a child who was in a minor accident with the chest clip in the right position. If the chest clip was placed a little bit higher than or lower than the armpit level, there could have been severe or even fatal consequences.

Make a long story short, using car seat in the correct way is very important for your child’s safety!


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