White sand, beaches with palm trees, unique water and coral reefs… Cayman Islands comprise three islands named Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. There are many natural beauties in Cayman Islands and it is hard to explain all of those; but there is also a big problem: Coral reef destruction!
We all dream about a long road trip by ship, but the sad truth is that these ships are not eco-friendly. A new video shot in Cayman Islands is a proof of destruction. This time, the victims are coral reefs!

After anchoring a cruise liner named MV Zenith in Grand Cayman Island, Scott Prodahl dived into water with Dan Foster, diver, and viewed the trail of anchor. After seeing the ship anchored on coral reef near George Town Harbour, Prodahl took his camera and started to record and shared it on Youtube. Footage reveals how coral reefs have been damaged.
It is legal to anchor to this area according to the information given by Cayman 27, a local news source. However, the practice seems legal on paper, damaging coral reefs is against the law of the country. Ministry of Environment got to work to determine the damage and clear it up.
The interesting point is that this fact came up after the decision of building a new harbour in George Town. Current harbour allows ships to anchor in the open sea and afterwards they go into harbour via smaller vessels but the new harbour planned to be built cruise liners will have the permission to anchor in coast directly. While some claim that practice will damage coral reefs much more, the state tells current practice is worse.
These undersea palaces are home to many species. Coral reefs are the sources of life for all living creatures in the ocean. Hopefully, what they do will be a kind of sample for other countries. We just need coral reefs to go on living on this beautiful planet.

(photograph: Scott Prodahl/YouTube)


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