Working at the Internet giant Google is almost everyone’s dream! Not only its well-known name, but also the high salary given will be sufficient to make you be over the moon! However, as you guess, it is really out of a majority of people’s depth. In order to be among that lucky minority group, there are questions you should give answer at the interview:

How many golf balls fit into a school bus?

job interview (2)

The answer is 660 thousand balls. Most of the interviewees who can answer this question get the ‘Product Manager’ title.

How much does it cost to get all the windows wiped in Seattle?

job interview (1)

The answer is $10.

In a country, couples go on having children until they have a baby boy. What is the ratio of girls to boys in this country?

job interview (4)

The answer is ½.

How many people play a piano in Chicago?

job interview (2)

The answer of this question that includes Fermi Paradox is 125 people.

Could you prepare an evacuation plan for San Francisco?

job interview (1)

You should respond to this question again with a question. ‘For such kind of natural disaster do you want me to prepare an evacuation plan?’

How many times a day do a clock’s hands overlap?

job interview (5)

The answer is: 22 times.

You are the captain of a pirate ship and you should decide on how to split up the treasure. If more than half of your crew share the treasure as you suggest, you will die. How can you achieve both to survive and split up the treasure as you wish?

job interview (1)

The answer is that you share 51% of the treasure with your crew before taking the votes.

Where would you like to eat dinner today?

job interview (3)

The answer shouldn’t be ‘It makes no difference to me!’. On the contrary, you should state your opinion on many aspects varying from where to eat to what to eat at that restaurant.

Why have you chosen those 5 articles to read before?

job interview (3)

Replying to this questions as ‘I have no idea’ equals to commit suicide. You should explain in detail why you’ve chosen to read them.


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