Let’s be honest. No one wants to see a disturbing ingrown hair on the legs, especially when wearing mini skirts or mini shorts. First of all, let’s check what ingrown hair is and how it can be treated.

Ingrown hair is a common problem which is described as a hair that curls back into the skin and grows beneath it rather than outward. It prevents us from having a perfect, dreamy smooth skin. Sometimes it can be itchy and can cause irritation. Although peeling and exfoliating can minimize the ingrown hairs, they cannot put an end to the problem permanently. But don’t worry! We have some good news for you. A natural way to treat ingrown hair by applying a mixture containing three ingredients will help you to get rid of your ingrown hairs completely.



-3 tablespoons of coconut oil

-7 drops of lavender oil

-12 drops of tea tree oil


Mix all the ingredients together in a cup. Now, your mixture is ready to be applied!

How To Apply

After shaving or epilating your legs, apply the mixture on the irritated area and rub gently. Then, let your skin absorb it.

 This method works because all these three oils given above have amazing effects on the skin. Coconut oil is an antibacterial oil and a perfect moisturizer. The tea tree oil is an amazing remedy for acne, irritation and redness. In addition to these, the lavender oil has a soothing effect on the problematic part of your skin. Beside these oils’ healing effects, keep in mind that the mixture smells good; so you can apply it on your skin and enjoy the result!


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