The world’s leading performance marketing platform for travel brands Sojern, released the Global Travel Forecast report of the second half of the year.

According to the report, travelers choose close destinations to their home and countries compared to the same period last year instead of choosing distant places. Here is the list of the most searched destinations in the first half of the year.

1 United States of America

Most Wanted Holiday Countries (4)

2 Italy

Most Wanted Holiday Countries (5)

3 England

Most Wanted Holiday Countries (3)

4 Germany

Most Wanted Holiday Countries

5 France

Most Wanted Holiday Countries (1)

6 Portuguese

Portekizde-ozel-dedektif (1)

7 Turkey

Most Wanted Holiday Countries (9)

8 Greece

Most Wanted Holiday Countries (8)

10 Thailand

Most Wanted Holiday Countries (7)

And the destinations which followed by the most prefered on the rise countries are listed as:

Haiti: Due to the earthquake in 2014 Haiti had a dramatic fall on tourism. But this year it moved up 34 rows at once.

Cuba: It moved up to the 41. row by moving up 12 rows in the most wanted destinations.

Czech Republic,Iceland and Romania moved up 7 rows in the ranking.Hungary was the most ascending destination that passed the 10 countries in the all European countries in the ranking.

In Southeast Asia Bangladesh 8, Qatar 7 rows moved up.

In the Middle East the most increasing popularity of the destination was Sudan.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is in the list as an other country that moved up 21 rows and has an increasing interest.


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