Matt and Adele Allen live in Brighton, England and have two children. They are different from the usual parents because they don’t let anything that is not natural into their houses. If you think we’re talking about organic foods etc. you are going to be surprised! The Allen family rejects modern medicine and education system.

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Adele still breastfeeds his five-year-old son Ulysess as she thinks it is significant for immune system and also natural as hugging. Adele also adds, “He can quit nursing anytime he wants. That’s his decision, not mine.”

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The Allens only consume natural and organic food. The kids have never eaten fast food and always consume vegetables and fruits. Adele says she didn’t pressure them about eating meat but explained how that meat comes to the table.

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The kids don’t know how to count, read or write as their parents thinks that’s not learning by heart. The couple says, “They have to learn all of them one day any way.”

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The couple also rejects the modern medicine. That’s why Adele gave both of her kids birth in a pool in their house, only having Matt by her side. Matt is a yoga instructor and helped a lot to Adele during the birth about her breathe.

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They didn’t cut the umbilical cord after the birth as they don’t want use scissors and wait six days for the cord to be off itself. They also kept the placenta in a bag with rose petals and salt. (For what purpose?)

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They never use medicine or drugs for anything. When one of kids had eye infection, Adele mixed her milk with some herbs to heal it.

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They don’t tell kids when to go to bed or wake up, they let kids’ biological watch determine for themselves. The couple doesn’t believe in the word discipline, so they let go everything.


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