Jake Austin has been helping homeless people in St. Louis, Missouri with volunteer groups that give out goods like food and clothes. Austin realized that the personal hygiene part wasn’t getting as much attention as the other goods; he started to bring soaps, shampoos and so on. Yet, the products he brought weren’t particularly helpful without a safe and clean place for people to use them. That’s how he came up with his mobile shower idea which is called Shower To The People.

Austin bought a secondhand truck from Craiglist for $5,000 and received additional support from other volunteers to renovate the interior, create two private showers. The truck gets its water from fire hydrants, and uses an external generator for heating. The truck can serve 60 people every day by travelling the city.

Mobile Shower (1) Mobile Shower (2) Mobile Shower (3) Mobile Shower (4) Mobile Shower (6) Mobile Shower (7)


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