Unfortunately, the girl didn’t show up.

From now on, don’t get mad if your partner is late just half an hour for the date.

Because this man waited 10 days at the airport for an ‘online girlfriend’.

He was hospitalized for exhaustion after waiting 10 days.

Alexander Pieter Cirk from Holland met Chinese girlfriend, Zhang, through an app and they started to talk for two months.


He flew to China to meet Zhang and waited at the airport, but unfortunately no one showed up. We know the rest of the story…

2.According to a report, Zhang (26) had a relationship with Cirk (41) after they got to know each other through a social app.


She said that later he seemed callous toward her and she didn’t contact him. When she received a photo of airplane tickets to China, she thought it was a joke.

3.Where was she all this time?


She told she was in another city having plastic surgery at that time and had turned the phone off.

4.Cirk returned home after the treatment.


Zhang said she intended on meeting him after recovering from the surgery.

5.Looks like this relationship is worth saving…


Hope, what he experienced won’t happen again.


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