Molai Forest spreading over 550 hectares is located on Majuli Island near Brahmaoutra River at the Northeast of India. What makes this forest interesting is that a large part of this forest consists of trees planted by a man. Jadav Payeng is a forest laborer and a local hero who have created a giant forest with trees he planted since 1979.

The Man Who Created A Giant Forest On His Own (1)Jadav Payeng awakening also wildlife in the region halved erosion danger existing for 100 years with his own struggle. More than 100 elephants and Bengal tigers and other unseen animals for years started to breed on the island. Jadav Payeng, architecture of this natural beauty has been nominated for various awards and was congratulated in different platforms. A child book and documentaries including internationally acclaimed short documentary called ‘Forest Man’ by William Douglas McMaster, tell the story of Jadav Payeng.

The Man Who Created A Giant Forest On His Own (3)


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