Tea is a part of ritual, a breakfast companion, a daily routine, a break from work, an addiction and so on especially for Turks. Tea time is like a ceremony that delicious foods are prepared and become companions of tea. As Turkish tea is well known with its taste and smell, you need some tips to make it in a proper way. So, here is how to make Turkish tea:

How  to make Turkish tea correctly:

Here are some tips that you can get benefit from.


How To Make Turkish Tea

You will need a teapot beside;

* Black tea

* Sugar

* Water


Make sure that the teapot you are going to brew tea in is clean. If there is a layer of limescale in the lower part of the teapot, then you should clean it first. Using drinking water instead of tap water is another significant point of making Turkish tea. Fill the lower part of teapot about 2/3 full with drinking water and let it boil after placing it on the cooker, and put 10 dessert-spoonful Turkish black tea leaves to the upper part of teapot.

Here is a great tip: Add one dessert-spoonful sugar into the upper part of teapot but do not stir. It will soften the taste of tea.

Pour some boiled water into the upper part of teapot and add some more water to the lower part and let it boil. Make sure that the teapot is over a medium heat. If you think that the tea is ready when the water boils, then you are wrong. You should place the teapot over a low heat to let the tea brew.


How do we understand if the tea brewed?

How To Make Turkish Teav

After 5 or 6 minutes, check the upper part of the teapot if the tea leaves sink to the bottom. If they don’t, it means the tea is not ready yet. If they do, it means the tea is ready to be served. Make sure that the teapot is over the cooker and a low heat.

How is Turkish tea served and how do we make ‘bright red’ Turkish tea?


What comes to our mind when we talk about Turkish tea is the typical tulip-shaped glass. Pour tea from the upper part of teapot to fill the glass about 1/3 full (or more if you’d like to drink dark tea). Then, add boiled water from the lower part of teapot.

Now, the Turkish tea is ready! You can add some sugar into it, if you want. You can also serve Turkish tea with cookies and fruits.


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