Almost all of us admire tanned skin which is shining and looking good after a hot summer. Wearing dress in white or other light colors looks perfectly on people with tanned skin. However the problem is to keep the tan for longer. So, what should we do to make our tan last longer?

How To Make Your Tan Last Longer

The first rule is to start applying peeling one month before being ready for sunbathing. It is necessary to remove dead cells from your skin to make your tan last longer.

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Another significant point is to use the right tanning cream and sunbathe in the right time which means you should avoid sunbathing at midday, from 11 am to 3 pm. It will prevent you to be exposed to the sunlight directly. You can use tanning cream which is suitable to your skin type, color and sensitivity. Cocoa oil, walnut oil and almond oil will help to get a tanned skin and moisturize your skin in an effective way.

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Eating habit is another point that we should consider. Foods containing carotene help making your tan last longer. So, what are these foods?

Foods like apricot, carrot and peach activate the pigments controlled by melatonin. They will definitely help keeping your tan for longer!

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Taking shower has a great effect on long-lasting tan. Showering with hot water will increase moisture loss, so your skin will look dry. Therefore, you should prefer cold water while taking shower.

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The last but not least thing is to drink plenty of water!

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