When you see this house in Kalmar from outside, everything seems normal. However, it looks normal just from outside.

House in Sweden (12)

The view when you enter the house…

House in Sweden (6)

Do you want to live in this way?

House in Sweden (1)

This house has become a major promotion factor for the broker’s website.

House in Sweden (1)

Alex Sundstedt from the broker company Pontuz Lofgren AB said: “Up to now, the page of this house has been clicked more than 60,000 times on our webpage and this is a record”.

House in Sweden (3)
House in Sweden (2)

It is not likely for the real estate agency to come across such an estate.

House in Sweden (5)House in Sweden (4)
House in Sweden (9)

Alex noted: “This house is certainly unique and it is completely related with the seller’s interest in movies. There are lots of impressive things”.

House in Sweden (8)

House in Sweden (7)

When you look from the other side of the house, there is still no clue what may be inside of the house.

House in Sweden (13)



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