Nowadays, people have been debating on how secure zoos are. Because, lately a gorilla had been shot at Cincinnati Zoo in order to protect the kid who slipped into gorilla’s enclosure. Some people have claimed that the boy was in a life-threatening situation, while the others have claimed the opposite by saying that gorilla was just puzzled not hazardous, and accused the parents of being reckless.

    These animals are wild. They cannot be tamed completely. It doesn’t matter if it is a lion, tiger, bear or a gorilla, they are all wild. If they were given half a chance, they would try to kill you without hesitation. This is in their nature.

     I am not saying these animals are malicious. On the contrary, these untamable animals are afraid of humans. They only follow the instinct of hunger and fear. It is the art of survival.

     Therefore, if an animal senses a danger, it can hold the object (or a person) and drag it like the gorilla did to the little boy.

     Or if an animal is hungry like this lion, it examines the prey closely, crouches, gropes around and attacks his prey as soon as the prey turns back (here the prey is the little chubby boy wearing a yellow raincoat).

      This time the king of the jungle has no chance to catch his prey because zoos are highly protected places unlike lions’ natural habitat. Lion realizes it again when the glass prevented him from catching the little boy. We need to keep in mind that animals belong in their natural habitats, not cages or zoos.

    In the video, you can watch lion’s useless effort and the little boy’s surprisingly calm reaction while the giant cat is running towards him.



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