We all know that cleansing our face skin on a regular basis is so important. But what about the makeup tools that we use to put makeup on our skin? Can foundation, moisturiser and hair spray help you to keep the bacteria away from your skin when they are cleansed in the right way? These beauty products should be cleaned very well. It can cause acne or even serious skin problems. Let’s focus on the makeup brushes: We are sure that you cleanse them once a week but there are some other products that can cause bacteria as well.

There are some beauty products that need to be cleansed to be able to keep the bacteria away from your skin.


One of these products is the one that almost no-one pays attention to its hygiene: Tweezers. You can leave your tweezers in the hot water for five minutes that this method will kill the microbes. Especially, the tweezers which are used in the beauty saloons for many people, are the ones that you need to cleanse very well. You should be sure that the tweezers are cleansed before you use.

Eyelash Curler

Your eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of your body. Not only the eyelash curler has the possibility of pinching your eyelid, but also it needs to be cleansed regularly. Especially if you use the eyelash curler right after applying the eye makeup, the makeup ruins can mess the curler’s silicon surface. However, you can cleanse the eyelash curler with alcohol and you should never forget to change the silicon inside every 3 months.


Whenever you sharpen your eye pencil, it will leave some ruins inside the sharpener. These ruins cause bacteria that can stick on the pencil again. Especially if you are applying the eye pencil on your inner eyelid, you should make sure that the tip of your sharpener is clean. You can leave it in the hot water and cleanse the ruins with the help of a tooth brush for a cleaner sharpener.

Nail Clippers

If you are very fond of getting manicure and pedicure in beauty saloons, you should be so careful about the hygiene of the tools they use. Nail clippers have the risk of transmitting bacteria or other nail problems to the sensitive skin around your nails.
You should also keep your own products clean at home. You can cleanse them with alcohol and keep the bacteria away. You can also bring your own tools to beauty saloons for manicure and pedicure.

Hair Styling Tools

If you want to style your hair with the heat, you should consider the ruins left on the hair styling tools and appliances. You should keep them away from water. You can swipe them with alcohol once a month, together with the brushes and you can use a tooth brush to clean the ruins on the brush.


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