Especially when you are expecting a baby, many symptoms may come to you as if they were good news. You are wondering what these early manifestations are and what they mean, right? Remember, the severity of the symptoms, the duration and frequency of early pregnancy can vary from woman to woman, and even from pregnancy to pregnancy. These are very similar to the pre-menstrual markings. A woman, who does not think of pregnancy, can easily get this indication as a start of the next cycle. Or someone trying to get pregnant can easily interpret the pre-reg report as “pregnant”, so it is best to conduct a pregnancy test at home or even better to consult to your doctor. The order of the symptoms may differ.

Delay of Period: This is the most important indication of a possible pregnancy. Sometimes a lighter vaginal bleeding than normal can occur.

Feeling pregnant: Many women think that you can feel it very early in your pregnancy. This feeling can sometimes be fatigueness, distraction or forgetfulness, emotional state variability. More sensitive the breasts, more pain or constipation in the belly or the lower abdomen (in the groin), or visiting toilet more often than before. Anything can be a symptom if it makes you feel different.

Breast Sensitivity: This is one of the most common symptoms of your early pregnancy. Breasts become larger (swollen) and sensitive in this period and they may give you a feeling of discomfort when exercising, sleeping, dressing or taking a shower.

Fatigueness: Excessive fatigueness is also felt very often. You may feel that you are sleeping earlier and that you find it more difficult to wake up in the morning. Sportive activities can be much more tiring. You should really listen to these fatigueness signals and rest enough.

Frequent urination: It is something that you and your relatives can also notice. It is caused by the pressure on your stomach, which has started to grow due to pregnancy, through the urine bag. During pregnancy, your body will have more fluid than normal, and your kidneys can continue to drain more fluid.

Nausea: One of the most common symptoms is nausea and vomiting. Some women may feel more intense in the morning, sometimes after lunch or in the evening. Sometimes it can be quite difficult for pregnant women, and this can be a result of eating more; and less frequently, choosing more snack foods (like salted crackers).

In the second trimester, your body will become accustomed to the effects of pregnancy. However, there are still some symptoms that occur. These are;

Dizziness – fainting: When you are standing for a long time (sitting in the queue), you may feel dizzy or faint when you suddenly stand up. This is because your blood pressure is lower than normal so that you can get more blood into your stomach due to pregnancy. You need to feed properly and consume plenty of fluids.

Cravings or Disgust: It is quite common to consume a food you normally do not consume or to consume a food excessively, or vice versa. Generally, this symptom recovers after the first 3 months like nausea.

Odor sensitivity: This is another symptom of hormonal changes in your body. Most pregnant women may be over-sensitive to some food smell or perfume, shampoo, gasoline, cleaning agents, cigarette smoke, and nausea may be triggered.

Heartburn / constipation: Your pregnancy hormones, which rise rapidly in your body, slow your digestive system so more acid is released to digest the food, which causes burns in the lower part of the midge or food pipe (which can feel just under your heart). The reason for the constipation is also this slowness. Your doctor may suggest you antacid tablets. For constipation, do not forget to consume digestible and fibrous foods in small and frequent portions, plenty of greens and plenty of fluids.

Mood Swings: It is impossible for your mood not to be affected by so many changes with your pregnancy in your body. Considering the pregnancy period and the future baby will greatly affect your world, it is natural to question whether you are ready for this baby financially and emotionally. In this period, mixed emotions, joy and sadness, enthusiasm and depression, laughter and tears follow each other. Do not hesitate to get emotional support from your husband in this very important period.

High body temperature: Body temperature from pregnancy hormones is higher than normal in early pregnancy. If you are trying to get pregnant and your doctor tells you to follow body heat to determine your ovulation time, high body temperature for more than two weeks points to pregnancy.

Implantation bleeding: Fertilized egg may cause slight bleeding during implantation. Usually, this bleeding is lighter, shorter, and lighter than the expected period bleeding.

Sensation of swelling and weight gain: Mostly because of hormonal changes, sometimes of the mentioned things above, the feeling of swelling and weight gain from craving and snack is also common in early gestation. If your first three months of fast weight gain is going fast, consult your doctor for healthy and balanced nutrition as well as prenatal vitamin supplements.


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