With the arrival of the fall, fresh walnuts are in season. While those who are fond of these green walnuts cannot resist their taste, they seek a remedy for stains caused by them. The liquid found in the green shell of fresh walnuts is so strong that it can leave stubborn stains on our hands, clothes or other stuff. Since we won’t throw away our belongings or give up eating fresh walnuts because of these stains that don’t go away for days, it’s beneficial to learn about stain removal methods that work quickly. From this viewpoint, here are the most effective practices and tips in removing walnut stains for you.

Fresh Walnut Season

Walnut, which is beneficial in many ways with its nutritional value, is grown on the walnut tree, which is an aromatic, single-pinnated type of tree whose leaves face one another, from the family Juglandaceae. The tree defoliates in the winter and bears fruit toward the end of the summer and at the beginning of the fall. Inside the maturing, sappy fruit which has big seeds is the seed of walnut, which is separated into two parts. While this fresh fruit is picked and eaten, it is broken and mashed. For this reason, when the outer shell is broken, its sap is ejected and leaves stains on hands, clothes and other stuff. As a matter of fact, farmhands who are involved in the harvest in the fall try to get rid of these stains for days, blackened and dried on their hands. The main thing here is, you need to wash the area that is stained right away while eating fresh walnuts. Like most other stubborn stains, the stain of fresh walnut is harder to remove once it’s dried.

Some Precautions To Take

Although it’s hard to avoid getting walnut stains, you can considerably minimize the problem by taking minor measures. For example, while breaking walnuts or taking out its ingredients, you should definitely wear a thin, soft pair of gloves. Apart from that, an apron or some old clothes will also protect you against stains.

How To Remove Walnut Stains

How To Remove Walnut Stains From Hands

How To Remove Walnut Stains (1)

Because of the stains that are received while picking fresh walnuts, people usually stay away from the walnut tree. In fact, it’s possible to prevent this problem with the simple precautions mentioned above. But let’s say, you didn’t take any precautions and you’ve got dried, blackened walnut stains on your hands. What should you do? The first thing that comes to mind is vinegar. Pour two spoons of vinegar into a glass and stir. Put your hands into this mixture and wait. The water containing vinegar will remove the stains. After that, wash your hands again in warm, heavily soapy water. You can also apply vinegar with cotton. Pour vinegar on some cotton and rub your hands with it.

If the stains on your hands have long been dried and penetrated your skin, the water containing vinegar may not be effective. In that case, you should first stick your hands into mud and clay, then wash with water containing vinegar. Thanks to mud and clay, the stains will be lighter.

Another way of removing walnut stains from our hands is to make use of a lemon. First, wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and a good quality soap. Later, put the lemon directly or squeeze its juice into a container and pour it onto the stains without adding any water. The acids the lemon contains will dilute the stains slowly. Keep doing this until the stains are completely gone. After that, you should rub your hands with olive oil, like massaging them. At this stage, your skin is moisturized and the last stage of removing the stains is completed. Finally, wash your hands again with warm water and soap. If your skin is too dry, you can exclude the lemon part of this application. Alternatively, you can get the job done by massaging your hands with olive oil a few times.

Spirit can also be used in removing stains left on hands by fresh walnuts. Hands are washed first for the application. Then they’re rubbed with cotton immersed in spirit. After being rinsed with warm water, the same process is repeated. The application continues this way until the stains are gone. Please bear in mind that spirit is a hazardous liquid and use it carefully if all the other methods have failed.

Walnut Stains On Our Clothes

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to fully protect our clothes against fresh walnut stains. There are, however, a number of methods we can apply to deal with these stains.

First, rinse your clothes in cold water. Then, put two or three teaspoonful dishwashing liquid on the stains on your clothes. Immediately after that, put four drops of vinegar on. How To Remove Walnut Stains (2)Rub both of the substances thoroughly on the stained area by equally getting them absorbed. If your clothes are durable enough, you can remove the stain by scraping it off with a hard material. When you’re sure that you’ve cleaned the area enough, put a paper towel on the stain and wait for 5 to 10 minutes. In the end, you can proceed to rinse the stained area entirely. If possible, use running water to fully cleanse your clothes under a faucet. Keep doing this until the walnut stains are completely gone.

Another substance we’d suggest for removing fresh walnut stains on clothes is hydrogen peroxide. Dampen the stained area with hydrogen peroxide and wait for a while. But do not forget to make sure your clothes won’t be damaged, you need to conduct a test with the substance on a part not visible from outside before using it.

Lastly, detergents containing bleaching agents can also be used against fresh walnut stains after testing. Mix one teaspoonful of bleacher and one spoonful of water and apply this mixture on the stained area. Do not use chlorinated bleachers on woollen, silk and artificial clothes. After applying the bleacher, wipe the stained area again with a clean cloth soaked in water containing vinegar. At the last stage, rinse thoroughly with plenty of water.

How To Remove Walnut Stains From Rugs

Removing fresh walnut stains from rugs is similar to the methods effective on clothes. However, the most effective one is to prepare a mixture with white vinegar and rinse with plenty of water. If the stain is dry and has penetrated, you may have to apply some spirit mixed with water. Still, the best thing to do for a rug is to act the moment the stain appears and not let it become dry.


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