Ink, with its fluid nature, is a “ staining “ agent made from various dyes and colors. Sometimes this staining act develops in undesired ways and we’re faced with a difficult situation. Difficult, because ink blots are known to be among the most stubborn stains. Since ink blots spread quickly, we need to be very careful dealing with them. So, we’ve come up with some tips, so that you won’t make the problem worse while removing ink blots. Below are some effective tips you will get benefit:

Ink is everywhere

How  To Remove Ink Blots (8)Produced in different colors, ink is used for painting surfaces and writing with brushes and pens. But sometimes, although it’s supposed to be in your notebook, you may see ink on your rug.

Ink contains a solution which consists of a mixture mostly of iron, sulfate and a trace of acid. In order not to make it look pale, a dye known as aniline is added to it and it takes its final form as blue or black in color. Ink is made from dyes and pigments that are impervious to erasure. While the ingredients of ink are used for writing and printing, they’re produced so that the colors don’t pale, get erased and smeared. That’s why the ink that is smeared on your stuff is difficult to remove because of its stain. In sum, as we’ve outlined above, ink is a “ staining “ substance in compliance with its primary purpose.

The Importance of Timing for Stubborn Stains

There’s ink in marker pens produced for children, fountain pens, inkjet printers, and in other stationery we often use in our daily lives. Everybody has experienced things like spattering pens which we carry in the pockets of our shirts or jackets and in our bags, pens we use while studying smudging our hands, a coloring material left on the couch leaving marks without you noticing. The most important thing here is, as it is true of all stubborn stains, early detection of the stain. An ink blot that’s been spotted before drying may be easily removed even with detergent water only, without doing anything else. Provided that the timing is right.

Other than these, while removing ink blots, every bit of detail including the type of the cloth, the ingredients of the ink, how long the ink blot has stayed on the surface, the method you’ve chosen to remove the stain, etc. will have an effect on the outcome.

How  To Remove Ink Blots

An ink blot comes as a bad surprise without being easily noticed. Some simple and natural home remedies can help us save both time and money, the latter of which would otherwise go to the cleaner’s. Stain removers sold on the market do not always work. The only thing that is going to work is to know about the surface on which the ink blot has appeared and choose the right technique.

Natural substances used for removing ink blots with their application:

Cornflour or starch

How To Remove Ink Blots (2)

Mix a little bit of milk and cornflour until they become pasty. Then, let the stained surface absorb this mixture thoroughly. This mixture will soften the stain. Therefore, you need to wait patiently for a few hours. When the time is ripe, you can brush off the residue left on the surface with a clean brush or vacuum it.

Best on: Rugs and parquet.


How To Remove Ink Blots (6)

 You’ve forgotten your fountain pen in your pocket and when you’ve realized that your favorite color shirt has an ink blot on, it’s already too late. So, what needs to be done? We’d like to tell you about a quite effective method. Soak the stained area in milk. Put the stained part of the shirt in the milk you’ve poured into a bowl. Wait for about eight hours. In the end, you will see that the stain is almost gone. The remaining light stain will be taken care of by the washing machine.

Best on: cloths and fabric.



 While applying salt, the important thing is that the ink blot is wet and on the surface. While the stain is still wet, wait until the salt you’ve spilled is absorbed. After that, grab a paper towel and gently press it against the stain. In the next phase, you can brush off the salt. Continue until the stain has become lighter.

Best on: Rugs.

Cream of tartar


 Cream of tartar, which is very functional in housework, is especially used for making various kinds of desserts. Its effectiveness in removing ink blots is not well known. It’s good for removing ink blots from your clothes. Mix two tablespoons of lemon juice with two pieces of cream of tartar until they become pasty. Cover the stained area with this mixture and wait for three to four hours. Finally, brush off the stained area and put it in the washing machine.

Best on: cloths and fabric.

Hair spray

How To Remove Ink Blots (4)

 The ankle-biter at home put a marker pen, without you noticing, in the pocket of your white jacket you recently bought. You threw away the pen leaving blue marks, but you don’t know what to do with your jacket. Another method, which is not commonly known despite being simple, is to use hairspray. Spray the substance on the stain and wait until the ink blot drains away.

Best on: cloths, fabric and furniture.


How To Remove Ink Blots (7)

 If you’ve tried soapy water to remove an ink blot and you haven’t gotten any results, it’s probably because the ink is insoluble in water. In that case, acetone will be a great solution. Pour some on a piece of cotton and wipe the stained area by cushioning. You will see that the ink blot fades away slowly. Later, you can wash the cloth with soap and water.

Best on: Fabric, rugs, furniture.


How To Remove Ink Blots (5)

 Toothpaste is another substance that sometimes works although it doesn’t always. Its effectiveness depends completely on the kind of the fabric or the ink. Spread the toothpaste on the stained area and start scrubbing as if you’re doing the laundry. Having cleaned thoroughly, rinse with plenty of water. If you’ve seen a little bit of fading on the stain, repeat the same process. Fading of the color shows that the method is working.  

Best on: Fabric.

ButterHow To Remove Ink Blots (1)

If your kid has smudged various items, walls, toys, etc. with marker pens, immediately rub the stained surfaces with some butter. At the end of the process, wash the stuff with soap and plenty of water. You can do the same for stains on your hands with any margarine.

Best on: Surfaces and your skin.


How To Remove Ink Blots

 This is good mainly for your clothes and other textiles. Pour some alcohol on the stained fabric. The stain must be wet because of the alcohol, therefore use the right amount; neither more, nor less. This will only take a few minutes of your time. Later, wash and rinse the item with plenty of water.

Best on: Fabric and furniture.

Tomato juice

How To Remove Ink Blots (3)

 This is just the ticket to get rid of ink blots on your hands. Rubbing your hands with tomato juice and rinsing them is enough. While removing ink blots, you can alternatively use strawberries instead.

Best on: Your skin.


How To Remove Ink Blots (10)

 Drop some vinegar, which is a fairly strong cleaner, on the stained area. After a while, mix vinegar with cornflour and put on the stain once again. Allow this mixture to dry on the cloth and then put it in the washing machine. Vinegar is among the most commonly used natural cleaners for removing stains.

Best on: rugs, fabrics, your skin, furniture.

SandpaperHow To Remove Ink Blots (9)

A small and rugged piece of sandpaper may work miracles in removing ink blots. It’s especially effective on suede leather shoes and your clothes. After cleaning the stained area with sandpaper, you should sweep the same spot with a toothbrush to get better results.

Best on: furniture, rugs.

Key Points

  • When an ink blot appears on your clothes, immediately absorb it with a paper towel or a clean cloth. Hot water will cause the stain to spread because when ink blends with hot water, it penetrates the fabric and becomes permanent. Moreover, ink becomes more fluid when it comes into contact with hot water. In sum, if you use hot water for cleaning an ink blot, you may involuntarily make the stain unremovable.
  • Do not use soap in the washing phase of ink blot removal. You can make the stain go away completely from the surface of the fabric only with detergent.
  • It’s commonly believed that ink leaves unremovable stains. In fact, there is no such thing as a stubborn stain so long as you know the right method.


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