Blood stains are one of the most common type of stain. Even though it’s pretty hard to remove the blood stains on your clothes, carpets, or tiling, you can solve this problem with specific methods. However, be careful, because if you do something wrong, it would be two times harder to remove the stains. It’s also very important to choose a suitable removing method for different surfaces.

How To Clean Blood Stains?

How To Remove Blood Stains (1)

If the stain is fresh, it’s easier to remove it. There are five different methods to remove that kind of stains.

  • Wash your blood-stained clothes in cold water. If you can apply this method the moment it was stained, your chance to remove the stain completely will be high. If your carpet or furniture is stained, wipe them gently with a rag or a sponge. The most important thing here is not to use hot water. If you do so, the stain goes deep inside and becomes harder to remove.
  • One of the methods used for removing fresh blood stain is to use peroxide. However peroxide may bleach or damage clothes. Therefore, apply the peroxide on unseen side of the cloth and make sure that the peroxide doesn’t damage it first, and then apply it. Follow the steps respectively: Pour peroxide into a bowl, if the cloth is delicate, add water as much as half of the peroxide, add peroxide occasionally, wipe the foams off, and cleaning the material with detergent and cold water after making sure that the stain is cleaned. You can clean the stain by washing in cold water after keeping the cloth in a bowl filed with peroxide for 15 or 20 minutes. If the stain is smudged on surfaces like concrete, peroxide would be a great solution.
  • If your blood stained cloth is made by delicate materials, clean it immediately by using salt and water. The important point is to be quick and taking precaution before the stain gets harder to remove. Therefore, first you need to wash the material in cold water. If it is a cloth, then you can wash it in a sink. But if the stained material is a carpet or a furniture, you need to fill a bowl with water and ice and then wipe the stain off with a sponge or a rag. Then mix salt and water in a small cup, and apply this mixture on the stained area. After you should wash the salt with cold water and check if the stain is removed. After making sure that the stain is removed, you should wash the material with a lot of water.
    If the material is stained when you are outside and your only chance is to use a public bathroom, you need to wash your cloth with water and some liquid soap. Rub it until the stain is gone, and was with a lot of water after the stain is removed. The important point here is not to use the liquid water excessively. In that case, the soap would be hard to cleanse.
  • You can use ammonia for the stains that are harder to remove. You should mix a spoonful of ammonia with a glass of cold water. Wash in the cold water after the stain is removed. Avoid from applying ammonia on linen, silk, or wooly.

How To Remove Dry Blood Stains
It is always easier to remove fresh blood stains. But the stains gets harder to remove after 24 hours pass. However it is strongly possible to remove dry blood stains by following these two methods:

How To Remove Blood Stains

  • You can remove dry blood stains by using toothpaste. First, apply the toothpaste on the stained area carefully, wait for the toothpaste to dry and rinse in cold water. Then soap down the area and wash in cold water again. Repeat the process in case the stain is not gone. Avoid applying this on carpets and furniture. Because the toothpaste may leave its scent on those materials.
  • The other method is to use your own salvia, because enzymes in the salvia may destroy proteins in the blood. For this, apply some salvia over the stain and wash the cloth in cold water. This method can be applied on small stains.

How To Remove Blood Stains From Wood and Parquet

  • Blood stains can be removed easily with water and surface blows.How To Remove Blood Stains (2)

How To Remove Blood Stains From Your Bed

  • You can’t wash your bed and you should use plenty of water either. Mix two spoonful of corn starch, a spoonful of salt and 1/4 spoonful of hydrogen peroxide and apply the mixture on the stained area.

How To Remove Blood Stains From Jeans

  • If the blood is fresh, cleaning in water would be enough. If it is dry, you need to use salt, ammonia or baking soda.

How To Remove Blood Stains From Silky Clothes

  • Because silky clothes are delicate, only use salvia, salt or detergent in order to remove th stain. If you use ammonia or other chemicals, it would be harmful for the cloth.


  • The earlier you try to remove the stain, the easier to remove it.
  • Never use warm or hot water, if used, the stain becomes impossible to remove.
  • If you use ammonia in order to remove the stain, try not to breathe it.
  • If the blood you are cleaning is not yours, be careful, because there are lots of diseases that are transmitted with blood. In that case, don’t use your bare hands and wash your hands with hot water and soap afterwards.
  • You can apply white vinegar on fresh blood stains. You can wait for 5-10 minutes and than clean. If the stain is not removed, you can repeat the process.
  • Coke may help remove the stain.


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