Today, I want to mention a kind of nail art. In my opinion, this kind of nail art rises against the others and it is easy to do. Maybe you saw it, heard it or even you did it. But, hear from me one more time!

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The thing I want to mention, as you can understand from the title, newspaper nails. We saw written tights, let us have written accessories and written nails! Well, transferring the message you want to provide onto your nails is a little difficult. You will understand what I mean shortly.

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You need a few things. A light color fingernail polish, deodorant/cologne, acetone to clean fingernail polish and ink residue and if you want the pattern to stay there for a longer time, another layer of fingernail polish to protect the pattern.

Apply light colored fingernail polish. The reason is simple: When you prefer a dark color, writings will not be visible.

Wet the surface with deodorant or cologne. Before deodorant/cologne dries, place a piece of newspaper onto your fingernails and apply pressure, gently. It is better to apply pressure for 10-15 seconds. It is highly probable that you will not be able to provide the message you want to provide completely, but be careful – don’t let your message (like a swearword, for example) to be engraved onto your fingernails.

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I tried both of them, deodorant provide much better results.

When you remove the piece of newspaper, you will see that the letters have been transferred onto your fingernail. You can clean the residue around your fingernail with acetone.

It is better to apply a protective layer of fingernail polish in order to increase the permanence of the letters’ and fingernail polish.

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Having fingernails that are mysterious, certainly interesting and that have newspaper pattern is just that easy!

Do you like newspaper pattern on your fingernails?

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