Colorful macarons are the most significant food passion created by social media. The reason behind this passion for macarons, which can provide spectacular shots to share on Instagram, is not the color or being photogenic. Being very hard to cook, these little French cookies are also famous with their taste.

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Turkish women who can handle kebabs, baklava and eggplants with minced meat place their hands on their bellies and ask: “How hard can it be?”

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Ladies, don’t ask don’t tell. These macarons are really hard to make. It is possible that you have never ever baked such a delicate thing in your oven. They are so delicate that when you leave the window open, they chill and cannot thicken!

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Well, is it impossible to prepare macaron at home? Of course not. If you are more attentive to weight in grams than ever and pay attention to the key parts and if you add enough amount of your love, you can create perfect macarons as well.

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Let’s get down to business and come to the macaron recipe.
The first thing you need to make macaron is a precision kitchen scale. Because, the weight of any ingredient used to prepare macaron is so important that even just 1 gram deviation may make macaron lose its consistency.

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If, one night, you have sudden wish to make macaron, you can’t, sorry. Because, egg white that will be used to make macaron should be aged. You should age 75 gram of egg white in a bowl that is closed with stretch film in refrigerator for 2 days. Before making macaron, you should take the egg white out and it should reach to room temperature.

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Before macaron, its cream should be prepared. To do so, 100 grams of cream and 100 grams of milky chocolate are used. Keep liquid cream on the stove until it reaches to boiling point, add chocolate, mix at low heat. When the chocolate melts, turn off the stove and let the mixture cool a little, then place it in refrigerator.

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Now, it is time to whisk egg. Whisk the aged white egg that is at room temperature in a glass bowl, with a pinch of salt. When the egg foams, you should not whisk anymore.

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Now, it is time for sugar. You should use 30 grams of granulated sugar for macaron. Well, of course, you shouldn’t pour 30 grams of granulated sugar into the mixture at once. You should add sugar into the mixture, while you are continuously stirring the mixture, in 5 equal parts. If you want colorful macarons, you should add food coloring at this point. After the whisking process ends, nothing metal should get in touch with the mixture. From this point on, I recommend you to use a wooden or plastic spatula.

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Add 10 grams of sugar-free cacao, 75 grams of powdered almond and 150 grams of powdered sugar into the mixture in two parts. You should add the second part after you stir the mixture with the first part well. During this process, you should avoid harsh moves. You should complete the stirring process by stirring from the bottom to the top.

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Now, fill a piping bag with the macaron mixture and squeeze the mixture out, as large as 1 Euro, onto the baking paper and keep 3cm between each. After this part, for the macarons to rise well during baking, slap the tray down onto the countertop and leave it to rest for 30 minutes. Then, place the tray into your oven that is preheated to 160 degrees Celsius and bake for 15 minutes. Don’t open oven door within the first 12 minutes and don’t bake for more than 15 minutes – macarons become as consistent as a gum when undercooked and like a stone when overcooked.

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After you take macarons out, you should wait for them to cool. If you touch them while they are still hot, they fracture. After they cool down, take 2 of them with a spatula and apply cream in between. Your decision, of course, but I recommend you to eat macarons 1 day after you make them – their taste settles a day later.

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If sides of your macaron become like a skirt, then you got it. But don’t forget, making macarons is hard, you shouldn’t expect miracles from yourself on the first try. I am sure that you will be capable of making macarons like the ones you see in pastry shops!

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